Cranbrook School

St Andrew’s Cup 2024 Champions!

St Andrew’s Cup 2024 Champions!

We are delighted to announce that the Cranbrook 1st team squad emerged as the triumphant St Andrew’s Cup champions after a rollercoaster two-day tournament with 15 other independent schools over the school holidays.

The Cranbrook team faced fierce competition, defeating local rivals Waverley in the quarterfinals, edging past Knox in a nail-biting penalty shootout in the semifinals and ultimately defeating the favourites Newington with a fantastic 2-0 win in the final match.

Every single player was outstanding and showed their skills, teamwork, and tactical awareness. Special congratulations must go to the coaching team, Mr Rollison, Mr Catchpole, Connor Quilligan, Tommy Vidovic, and James Pelly for their exceptional planning, preparation, organisation, and coaching that led the team to victory after a six-year drought since their last St Andrew’s Cup win.

The Cranbrook squad’s victory is a testament to their perseverance, teamwork, and ability to overcome challenges. A great way to start the season with a well-deserved trophy in hand!