Cranbrook School

Cranbrook’s future female athletes

Cranbrook’s future female athletes

Cranbrook School is delighted to share the exciting news of its inclusion in the Independent Sporting Association (ISA) competition for our incoming female students. This remarkable opportunity allows Cranbrook’s future female athletes to showcase their talent and represent the school in various sports disciplines, including Netball, Basketball, Football, Touch football, Swimming, Tennis, Cross-Country and Athletics. Our female Cranbrookians will also be able to compete in CAS and state-run sports such as Volleyball, Snow Sports, AFL, Water Polo, Cricket, Rowing, and sailing.

The ISA competition brings together several independent schools in both city and regional NSW. Schools such as Barker College, Redlands, Kinross Wolaroi and Central Coast Grammar actively participate in the competition, displaying their commitment to sports and physical education. With a rich history starting in the 1990s, the ISA Sydney competition has become a highly respected association that promotes healthy competition, sportspersonship, and camaraderie among the participating schools.

Joining the ISA competition is a significant milestone for Cranbrook, as it highlights the school’s commitment to providing comprehensive and exceptional sporting opportunities for all its students. The acceptance into this esteemed association is a testament to Cranbrook’s reputation for its sports programs and the dedication of its coaches, students, and its ongoing efforts to provide a holistic education that nurtures both academic and athletic achievements. Please see this link to read more about the ISA and its history