Cranbrook School

The cognitive benefits of learning a second language are many. It enhances concentration, supports literacy in the mother tongue, improves memory and it helps listening skills among other advantages.

In our interconnected world, speaking a second or third language has become increasingly important.

At Cranbrook and as part of the PYP (Primary Years Programme) framework, French is taught from Pre-School to Year 6. Students of all year levels receive one and half hours a week of French tuition. The French teachers aim to instil a love of the language and increasing facility in using it.

Both our French teachers deliver a substantial programme using a variety of educational approaches. The main methodology used is AIM (Accelerative Integrated Method). This method helps our students acquire automatism of language by means of gestures, music and theatre. Traditional stories are utilised to present the vocabulary and structures within in context.

In class, teachers encourage students to use French through language games and play-based activities, as well as reading and writing tasks.