Cranbrook School


A Message from the Chair of the Cranbrook Foundation

The Cranbrook Foundation is committed to promoting the future of our School. We work to optimise all aspects of our School so that all our students can discover their potential. We also aim to ensure that the School’s quality of education and its legacy remains robust and secure. Like many independent schools, Cranbrook depends on the support of the entire community – School fees and Government grants alone do not support new capital projects, major maintenance and restoration of existing buildings, visiting academics or the ongoing support and enhancement of the School’s scholarships and bursary programmes. 

The Cranbrook community is caring, involved and generous. We are deeply grateful for the many gifts provided by Old Cranbrookians, parents both current and past, grandparents, staff and friends.

This support has assisted in preserving and developing the facilities of the School and helping to maintain excellence in education. Indeed, Cranbrook owes its very existence to the generosity of Cranbrook’s six founding members. Many developments–from the War Memorial and Carter Halls, the Furber building, the state-of-the-art Junior School at Dangar, and the development of the Year 12 college, have been made possible by generous gifts from a host of contributors. More recently, after years of planning, it has been gratifying to reach a significant milestone with the revitalisation of our Bellevue Hill campus. We are delighted with our new Centenary Building and of course the recently opened Murray Rose Aquatic & Fitness Centre.

The Foundation also strives to build its endowment fund to provide scholarships and bursaries for students who otherwise would be unable to benefit from a Cranbrook education. The diversity of the Cranbrook community has been a hallmark of the School since its founding in 1918 and the endowment fund plays an important role in maintaining it. 

Foundation events are also popular with the Cranbrook Community, including our Year 7 Welcome Evenings, Donor Thankyou Events, 1918 Society Luncheons, as well as industry based connection evenings designed to bring our community together to provide networking opportunities. 

We are grateful for the support of the Cranbrook community and look forward to continuing our work together in partnership with you. 

Yours sincerely, 

Vanessa Cardonnel