Cranbrook School

I love the choice we have of so many different sports. Everyone will find something that they are good at or just love taking part in.

Will, year 4


Rugby is a very popular sport at Cranbrook and the love of Rugby for many starts from their time here at Cranbrook Junior School. Students in Year 3 – Year 6 will play Saturday morning fixtures against other schools through the Winter season.


Cranbrook plays football under the recommended IPSHA guidelines for small sided football. In Years 3 and 4, students play 7 aside on half-sized pitches. Scores are not recorded in these age groups as the focus is on player development. In Year 5 they move to a larger pitch and play 9 aside, and in Year 6 they are on the full size pitch in teams of 11.


The Winter Tennis programme is a participation programme, incorporating a few fixtures played against other schools. Saturday Sport consists of internal training sessions where students will play games against other Cranbrook students. These training sessions are thoroughly enjoyed, as they give our students the opportunity to enjoy playing tennis without the pressure of competitive fixtures against other schools.


In addition to the Sports listed, Cranbrook Junior School offers students the opportunity to participate in other physical and sporting pursuits including:

  • Snowsports (during the Snowsports season for Kindergarten – Year 6 students who represent the School on the snowfields)
  • Saturday Multisports (a Sport option held throughout Winter and Summer seasons for selected students in Year 3 – Year 6)
  • Martial Arts (optional co-curricular offering)
  • Gymnastics (optional co-curricular offering)
  • Swimming Lessons (additional co-curricular offering)