Cranbrook School

Frequently Asked Questions

Cranbrook Swim School is an on-going perpetual programme – swimming continually for 48 weeks of the year. The 4 week closure period for Swim School is the last 2 weeks of December and the first 2 weeks of January.

Your booking automatically rolls over to the same day and time each calendar year. During the 4-week closure period your booking is secured, and you are not charged.

Payment is on a fortnightly perpetual direct debit. Payments are deducted through our external debiting partner ezidebit. Payments can be deducted via either your bank account or AMEX, Visa or Mastercard and are processed on a Monday fortnightly basis.

Yes, our debiting partner ezidebit charges a $10 dishonour to unsuccessful payments. Further details can be found in your ezidebit Terms and Conditions.

You can book 1 week in advance from the date you wish to commence lessons. Your first lesson will be after your first direct debit which is deducted from your nominated bank account on the first Monday following your booking.

Due to the nature of swim school being a perpetual program, we are unable to facilitate makeup lessons as we continue to take bookings all year round.

Yes, each student is entitled to 6 weeks per calendar year to pause lessons. This is additional to the 4 weeks issued over the closure period during Christmas and New Year. 10 weeks in total for the calendar year. Suspensions are allocated in 2-, 4- or 6-week blocks. Due to your fortnightly payment cycle.

A form is located on our website for completion or please email the Swim School for a form to be sent. We require 2 weeks’ notice to apply a suspension.

Cranbrook swim school is digital, our Instructors have an iPad poolside. Each student is assessed by our instructors on 2 outcomes each lesson. When your child is on 85% completed our deck supervisor will conduct an assessment to see if they are ready to progress to the next level.

The Deck Supervisor monitors constantly, when your child is on 85% completion of the outcomes, the deck supervisor will conduct an assessment to see if they are ready to progress to the next level. If ready to progress you will then speak with our Learn to Swim Receptionist to arrange a new lesson time or day for your child.

Yes, you can, Cranbrook Swim School are a digital swim school. Our instructors use an iPad poolside to mark your children’s progress each lesson. This is updated weekly for you to view via your online parent portal. To view your children’s progress please click here.

We endeavour to provide your child with the most consistent learning experience as possible, however, there are occasions when instructor changes are required, or our instructors take leave. We aim to ensure the cover instructor is consistent while your child’s regular instructor is absent.

No, we do not allow back-to-back lessons. Experience shows that concentration and application of skills diminishes during the second lesson. If your child wishes to participate in more than 1 lesson per week, this second lesson would be on a different day.

Yes, the initial commitment at the time of enrolment is 6 weeks, 3 direct debit cycles. The booking however will continue after the 6-week period unless you specify to Swim School Admin via an email that you would like to cease the booking.

Please email for a form to be sent for completion. 2 weeks’ notice is required before a booking can be cancelled.

Yes, each school holiday period we offer an Intensive Program, which are 1:1 private lesson paid upfront at the time of the booking.

No, all children under 10 years must be accompanied and supervised by an adult under the guidelines for pool safe operations.

Yes, all learn to swim instructors hold an industry accredited qualification from either, Austswim, Swim Australia or Royal Life.

General Questions

There is no free or casual swimming offered to customers of Cranbrook Swim School before or after lessons.

Yes, please email the voucher to our email address. Voucher will be applied to your swim school account for future direct debits.

Yes, we have 2 family change rooms with baby change tables. The family change rooms are located before the Learn to Swim reception and pool area.

Children over the age of 7 years old are not permitted in the change rooms of the opposite sex. Please use the 2 available family change rooms if you choose not to send your child into the change room without you.

Yes, we do, our facility carpark is free for customers on weekday afternoons from 3pm and on weekends from 730am. For weekday mornings, you will have the ability to book a spot through the app PARKABLE.