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Infants and Toddlers

Water familiarisation classes for infants’ and toddlers aged 6 months – 3 years. Classes are parent and child in the water which involve games, constructive play and songs.

This class is for infants from 6 months old to 18 months old.. An adult must accompany the child in the water at all times. Lessons focus on promoting early water confidence, water awareness, safety and basic motor skills. The aim of the class is to introduce children to the water, basic breath control through cueing and communication in the water through songs and activities.
* Swim nappies are compulsory
* Cranbrook endorses safe teaching practices and submersions will only be permitted once the child learns cueing and has complete a minimum of 4 lessons.

This class is aimed for Toddlers from 18months to 3 years old. An adult must accompany the child in the water at all times. Lessons focus on continuing to build water confidence, safety, basic motor skills and introduce independent movement. This is where they learn cues and gain an understanding of survival skills. They will learn safe entry and exits into the pool. Kicks and paddle arms are a good learning curve for when they move into a Pre-school class at 3 years old which is taught without an adult in the water.

* Swim nappies are compulsory
* Cranbrook endorses safe teaching practices and submersions will only be permitted once the child learns cueing and has complete a minimum of 4 lessons.


Water confidence classes for Pre School aged students 3 – 5 years old. Classes are the first level of independent swimming.

Preschool 1 is aimed for children aged 3 to 4 years who are new to swimming lessons and/or are not yet water confident. Children will learn to submerge their face confidently, float on their front and back unaided and paddle and kick independently. This is the entry level class starting with the basics of Learn to Swim.

Continuing with safe entry and exit into the pool, this is where they will be introduced to submerging and kicking on their front and back.

This class is aimed at children aged 3 to 5 years who have completed Pre-school 1. Children must be water confident, they have learnt how to submerge their face confidently, can paddle with kick and can float independently on their front and back. Children will be taught big arms, the starting stage of freestyle and independent back kicking.

Once the child has turned 5, they will transition into our school age programme, Level 1.

School Age

Water safety and technical proficiency classes for Primary age students 5 – 12 years old. Students will learn water safety skills and all 4 strokes throughout the pathway.

This is an entry level class for children 5 years and over. Level 1 develops basic water safety awareness and the development of essential swimming skills. Children will learn front streamline kick, back kick with arms by side in correct body position and the introduction of freestyle arms.  

Level 2 is a stroke correction-based level. This level focuses on continuing to develop water safety skills and the introduction to freestyle with a side breath and backstroke arms for 8m Children will learn vital water safety skills such as survival backstroke, treading water and the introduction to diving starting with a seated dive.

Level 3 is focused on freestyle and backstroke correction whilst maintain technique for 18m. Freestyle bilateral breathing will be taught and the continuing development of correct backstroke timing. They will be introduced to breaststroke kick and should be proficient in Breaststroke kick before progressing to level 4.

Children will learn a crouch dive, front sculling and how to perform a forward somersault.

Level 4 will be an introduction to breaststroke arms and developing correct breaststroke timing. Butterfly kick will be introduced with a large focus on correct kicking techniques for all four competitive strokes

Children will continue to develop their freestyle and backstroke technique with correct starts, body position and timing for 36m. They will continue to develop water safety skills, of front sculling with forward propulsion, diving and freestyle tumble turns.

Level 5 will be an introduction to butterfly arms, performing the full stroke with correct timing. Children will continue to develop freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke technique with an introduction of correct starts, underwater pull-outs, turns and finishes over 50m.

The level is for a length of 45min and taught in the 50m pool.

Children will learn water safety skills focusing on various water rescues, treading water and diving.

Level 6 is the final level of the Learn to Swim programme and provides preparation for Squad based sessions. Butterfly breathing is introduced completing the development of all four competitive strokes.

Children will develop effective techniques for all four strokes, with an emphasis on correct breathing, timing and race legal starts, underwater pull-outs, tumble turns and finishes over 100m. Children will learn medley order, how to read a pace clock and diving from the blocks.

Teen Swim

Speciality classes for students aged 12 & over. Classes are reserved for late developers to ensure students interact with peers of the same age.

Teen Learn to Swim is aimed for swimmers aged 12 – 16 who need to learn stroke proficiency and water safety skills. students will have basic swimming technique and will continue to develop technical proficiency for Freestyle, Backstroke and Breaststroke. When swimmers have mastered correct technique for Freestyle, Backstroke and Breaststroke for 36m, they will transition into  “Teen Swim Fit”. Teen Learn to Swim is a 30min lesson taught in the Learn to Swim Programme pool.

Teen Swim Fit is aimed for swimmers aged 12 – 16 who choose not to participate in the Squad programme or did not progress to Mini Squad. Swimmers must have correct technique for Freestyle, Backstroke and Breaststroke for 50m or more. Swimmers will learn Butterfly; Tumble Turns and Diving. Teen Swim Fit is a 45min lesson taught in the 50m pool.

Accessibility Programme

Inclusive classes for students who require 1 to 1 support.

Cranbrook Learn to Swim offers an accessibility swimming program for those with additional needs and require 1 to 1 support. The accessibility programme offers a welcoming swimming atmosphere where participants feel safe, empowered and included building positive self-esteem in an Aquatic environment.

Our instructors are qualified and experienced in teaching participants with additional needs and believe in giving equal access and opportunities to all. We understand each participant requires individualised attention and the outcomes and aims will differ depending on the needs of the participant.

What the customer needs to know:

  • Lessons are designed for those who require 1 to 1 support and are not safe to participate in group lessons
  • Lessons are booking in 5 week blocks
  • 30min lesson once a week
  • Lessons are 1:1 with qualified and experienced instructors specialising in the field of additional needs and water safety
  • Lessons are taught in either an 18m length pool, with a depth of 1.2m or if required use of the 50m pool will be available.
  • Instructors will have access to platforms, noodles, kickboards and other equipment to assist the participant if required
  • Swim School administration will assess the ability of all participants who enquire, to ensure the participants needs are met, and the participants ability is suitable for the accessibility programme. If requested, Swim School administration will work with the participants medical practitioners and may request medical documentation
  • NDIS lesson credits are managed by the customers. All participants will receive an invoice via email at the time of payment.
  • No refunds or credits issued for change of mind or missed lesson. Credits will be issued in the case of medical or illness with proof of medical documentation

*Accessibility lessons are only available for 5-week blocks. All lessons will be reviewed for integration into mainstream lessons at the completion of a 5-week block. If the participant requires on-going 1 to 1 support, back-to-back 5-week block lessons can be purchased.

Holiday Programmes

1 to 1 classes designed to fast track your child’s progress during the school holidays.

Holiday intensive classes are 1 to 1 swim lessons that run at the same time for 5-days from Monday to Friday. The programme is open to levels Pre School 1 to Level 6 and are designed to fast track your child’s swimming ability. The 1 to 1 support will provide extra guidance, focus on stroke specific correction and help build the confidence of your child to gain the necessary skills and technique to move through our learn to swim programme.

Starts, Turns and Finishes clinics are designed to help develop essential race skills and prepare your child for their school swimming carnival or club swim meet. The private 1-1 sessions are open to all swimmers in level 4 or above in learn to swim and all squad members. Our fully qualified and experienced coaches will make sure your child is ready for all up and coming swim meets.

*Please note – squad members please select level 6 when enrolling

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Adult Programmes

Progressive based lessons for 16 & overs to learn water confidence through to technical proficiency of swimming strokes.

For Adults who have little or no experience of basic water safety skills or swimming skills. The lessons will help adults feel confident in the water, understand buoyancy, floating and breath control. The lessons are taught in the Learn to Swim pool and adults will gain water confidence, whilst progressing to gliding in a streamline position and adding a propulsive straight leg flutter kick for 10 metres.

For adults who need to learn the competitive swimming strokes: Freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke. The lessons are taught in the Learn to Swim pool and Instructors work on skills like stroke technique, maintaining a correct body position, propulsive kicks, streamline body and proper breathing skills and positions for 18 metres.

For adults who need stroke-specific correction including continuous development of the 3 strokes learnt under the intermediate stage. The lessons are taught in the 50m Pool and will introduce butterfly, tumble and touch turns, dives and endurance skills, in readiness for the progression to the Cranbrook Aquatics Swimming Club’s (CASC) Master Squad.