Cranbrook School

Our Visual Arts programme is dynamic and challenging, encouraging experimentation, questioning, decision making and reflection.

Art appreciation and creative thinking begins early at Cranbrook. From Kindergarten, Visual Arts is entwined with all the learning areas allowing the students to not only be making observational Art responses, but to use Art as a language of expression and individuality.

The Art Rooms 

Cranbrook Junior School offers two purpose-built Art rooms, both featuring beautiful south-facing light. Each room is equipped with a range of wonderful materials, allowing students to explore artistic expression – both 2D and 3D experiences – and creativity within the standard curricular programme and through their optional Co-Curricular opportunities.

Visual Arts Teachers 

Our teaching staff are practising artists and fully-qualified teachers, providing students a rich, diverse artistic education. Students are provided weekly lessons with our teachers as part of the curricular classroom programme, providing the right structure for students to build their understanding of the artistic universe.