Cranbrook School
Learning Enrichment and Support

Learning Enrichment and Support

Some students require more support than others in order to cope with one or more areas of the curriculum.

Some of these students may require educational support throughout their time in School; others may need support for a short period to help meet temporary needs.  The department also administers specialist teacher assessment reports, which can diagnose specific learning difficulties, and provide recommendations for appropriate access arrangements during examinations.

Our Teaching Community

Our teachers are our greatest asset; they are dedicated, talented and deeply engaged as practitioners of their proud profession.

Our teachers admire the potential of all our young men, and play a vital role in enabling them to be the best they can be. They inspire and enable each student to discover and make the most of his talents, to give his best to thrive in the pursuit of excellence.

Whilst our teachers possess a wide variety of different teaching styles, the one component of their teaching which is uniform across all our academic staff, is that they have the vision and ability to harness the passion and energy of the young men in their care, using it to revitalise their classrooms and ensuring all students develop their personal talents to make a full contribution to their studies and school life.

As a school we are committed to identifying, retaining and cherishing all our great teachers. There are no geographical limits to our search for the best teachers, and we recruit from across Australia and internationally. Teachers want to work at Cranbrook because of our unique ethos, strong tradition and focus on respect for individuality and difference.