Cranbrook School
Digital Learning

Digital Learning

To thrive in world we live in, we must all be digitally literate. At Cranbrook, we develop confident, connected, and actively involved users of digital technology.  

Technology Integration:  
At Cranbrook, we understand that the use of technology is ubiquitous. Technology is used to enhance learning and not for just replacing pen and paper. Effective use of technology provides opportunity to present and augment information to support learning. Our role, in line with the International Baccalaureate and NESA (New South Wales Education Standards Authority), we arm students with the skills they need to navigate technology and to future-ready digital citizens. Students learn to be more comfortable with finding, accessing, consuming, and sharing content in a safe and age-appropriate way. 

Learning happens everywhere. We use a range of platforms to support student learning. Our learning management system, Canvas, is a web-based learning environment that ensures that students, parents, and teachers can connect and share learning content online. Canvas is used by many of the world’s leading learning institutions and educators to allow stakeholders to access and manage online course learning materials. Each student will experience a truly personalised and customisable dashboard of courses designed to support learning achievement.

We are committed to being nimble, agile and responsive and remaining connected to our students. Cranbrook staff and students operate under a strict Digital Citizenship Agreement. Our Technology Team is regularly reviewing the safety and suitability of the distance learning plan’s technology platforms. 

Live connectivity is essential in keeping students engaged. These technologies give us the ability to connect and interact with students in creative ways and enable us to bring that human touch of learning, to the forefront.

Our digital learning philosophy:

  • We believe pedagogy should drive technology.
  • We provide our students with a well-connected learning environment that enables collaboration, creativity, and innovation.
  • We are passionate about creating dynamic new ways of engaging our learners through developing robust digital and information literacy skills.
  • We support our learners by teaching them how to use a range of technologies to find information, solve problems, and understand how to act safely and respectfully online.

Our student wellbeing program is first-rate. A large part of student mentor time is spent supporting students to understand their digital footprint and how to be a responsible citizen online. Students learn how to use technology to manage their time better, to navigate the wealth of online information and most importantly, to have constructive conversations around harmful or inappropriate use of technology.

Every teaching and learning space have specific interactive technology to support learning. Our highly experienced ICT team ensure that we have the most effective and up to date learning solutions to ensure that your child is well-connected.

Using these technological programs, our teachers are able to combine interactive visual collateral, video theory, formative assessment, exam practice and other resources and provide real time feedback to students for all subjects – from Mathematics to Design & Technology, Sport, Drama, Music and English. We are committed to being nimble, agile and responsive and remaining connected to our students at all times.