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Cranbrook inspires every boy to realise his full potential and develop his strengths whether academic, sporting or within the arts.   We are committed to intellectual growth, discovery and a well-rounded education. At Cranbrook each boy is acknowledged as an individual and given the opportunity to develop his personal strengths and talents.  We have a co-curricular programme that is broad, holistic and distinctive, and our school sports programme is one of inclusiveness, opportunity, and competition.  Whilst we believe in the qualities of school sports, the performing and creative arts form a valuable part of school life and the qualities of co-operation, as much as contest, are truly apparent within the School.

Our intellectual aims are supported by a first-rate pastoral system whereby boys can build life-long friendships.  Cranbrook is as much about the development of the mind as the formation of character.

Choosing the right school for your son is one of the most difficult decisions you will make as a parent and our Admissions team are here to help you through that process.