Cranbrook School
Academic Results

Academic Results

We encourage all our students to aspire to academic excellence.

Whilst our philosophy at Cranbrook Senior School is to develop the whole person, and create the best habits of independent learning and instil a lifelong love of learning, examination results will inevitably form a large element of our focus in any student’s final years here.

Class of 2021

Despite the many upheavals during the course of their HSC studies, this cohort achieved our highest ever number of All Round Achievers and our highest number of 99+ ATARs. They are to be greatly admired. 

Their achievements not only reflect the School’s focus upon the development of breadth and the whole individual in order to foster their capacity to thrive at University and beyond, but also the diverse academic strengths of our non-selective student population in tandem with their humane qualities of good humour, adaptability and growth in character as they have chartered their paths through this most unsettling time.

Nicholas Sampson, Headmaster