Cranbrook School
Academic Results

Academic Results

We encourage all our students to aspire to academic excellence.

Whilst our philosophy at Cranbrook Senior School is to develop the whole person, and create the best habits of independent learning and instil a lifelong love of learning, examination results will inevitably form a large element of our focus in any student’s final years here.

Class of 2022

This year we had our first IB Diploma students sit exams alongside our HSC students. The results below are exceptional and reflect both the diverse academic strengths of our students and the dedication of our passionate and talented teaching staff.

To the Class of 2022,  all that is left for me to say is that I wish you every success in all that you choose to do going forward and hope that you will take with you the love of learning and generosity of spirit that we have worked to cultivate within you during your time here at Cranbrook School. We are proud of you!

Nicholas Sampson, Headmaster