Cranbrook School


We take a holistic approach to education and believe it is important to provide opportunities for all our students to pursue their interests across a range of areas.

We offer an extensive range of Co-Curricular activities from the Arts to the Sciences, Music to Sport, providing our students with the encouragement to support their individual interests. Participation in these programmes aims to develop skills in leadership, performance, creativity and decision-making. Through our comprehensive Co-Curricular programme students grow in character, confidence and self-esteem.

Cranbrook students are encouraged to develop their talents, interests and skills through participation in physical, academic, scientific and artistic pursuits. Co-Curricular activities help to round-out our students’ education and facilitate their academic studies. Activities include Robotics, Dance, Orchestra, Rock Bands, Debating, Chess, Drama and Public Speaking.

We provide our students with the facilities and interactive, experiential opportunities to educate, inform and nourish their understanding of the world around them.