Cranbrook School
Concerns Reporting

Concerns Reporting

The School Council has established an external process for our community to report concerns or provide other feedback.

For this purpose, the School Council has engaged Your Call, which offers an external, confidential and secure platform for receiving and managing concerns and feedback. Concerns received by Your Call will be reviewed by experienced education leader Dr Amanda Bell AM, working with law firm Thomson Geer, who will advise the School about those concerns. Your Call is the intermediary between you and those managing your submission and plays no part in investigating or determining the outcome.

The School Council encourages current and former staff, students and parents of Cranbrook, and anyone else who believes they have relevant information, to report concerns or other feedback through Your Call. To do this, you can either complete and submit a form on the Your Call platform, which is called Rely (and which can be accessed by clicking below), or make a verbal report to a Your Call Officer by calling 1300 921 116 between the hours of 7am and midnight (Sydney time) on business days.

When making a report via Your Call, you may choose your level of anonymity – that is, you might choose to share your contact details with:

  • nobody – in other words, maintain full anonymity;
  • only Your Call; or Your Call, Dr Bell and Thomson Geer; or
  • Your Call, Dr Bell and Thomson Geer and people at Cranbrook who you approve.

You might also decide to report anonymously at first, but then change your mind about maintaining anonymity (or the level of confidentiality) at a later point.

Initially, the School is engaging Your Call for a three month period.

It is a priority for the School Council to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the School’s students and staff. The School Council is committed to seeking to resolve all matters of serious concern reported by past and present members of our community.

Posted: 2 April, 2024