Cranbrook School
Learning at Cranbrook

Learning at Cranbrook

Through inquiry, we provide children with an Early Learning curriculum that is stimulating, engaging and encourages curiosity.

Our curriculum is broad and well-rounded, providing opportunities for cognitive, physical, social and emotional development.

Our girls and boys are supported to develop their intellectual, reasoning and problem-solving skills in a nurturing environment, guided by both a Class Teacher and an Educator.

We understand the importance of early exploration of arts and culture in a modern education, and as such, we offer Music, Visual Arts and French language in our Early Learning curriculum, with weekly visits from the French and Music Teachers from Junior School, and a Visual Arts Teacher working exclusively within the Pre-School.

Our children are also provided with a well-rounded physical education, designed to promote body and sensory perception as well as their fine and gross motor skills. Both campuses provide an Outdoor Educator and an Educational Development Teacher to supervise and support this.

Primary Years Programme (PYP)

We use the International Baccalaureate’s Primary Years Programme (PYP) curriculum framework to foster a love of learning and to support and encourage children to engage and explore. 

The PYP challenges children–even the youngest learners–to think for themselves and take responsibility for their learning. Learning experiences in the Pre-School classrooms are therefore student-centred, active, and inquiry-based. Questioning and imagining are central to our play-based, concept-driven approach to learning. Confidence and self-motivation increase as we tap into a child’s innate ability to ask questions and explore. We help our children to take ownership of their learning, working with them to deepen their understanding, think critically, and develop problem-solving skills.

We understand a diverse, fulfilling education is a priority for any parent. Our philosophy is to promote positive self-identity in all students, honouring each student’s individuality and inspiring excellence by supporting each student to achieve their best.

Abigail mcfarlane
pre-school coordinator

Like all IB programmes, the PYP is transdisciplinary, meaning students learn across subject areas to investigate big ideas. The IB approach to learning is centered on a dynamic cycle of inquiry, action, and reflection where teachers cultivate each child’s natural desire to learn. The IB philosophy places a strong emphasis on problem-solving, critical thinking, cooperative group work, and social responsibility as students learn through real-life experiences and develop a sense of international-mindedness. 

We aim to understand each individual in our care, embracing their strengths and identifying areas for future development.

  • a positive self-concept and an increasing understanding and knowledge of the world
  • emotional security and the freedom to have fun through exploration and social interactions
  • social awareness and friendship skills that instil trust, the ability to share, to cooperate and to develop positive relationships
  • language and communication skills through guided and free inquiry
  • intellectual skills, reasoning skills, problem-solving skills and the understanding of basic concepts through guided inquiry
  • physical health through body awareness, sensory perception, and fine and gross motor skills
  • creativity through self-expression, language, music and inquiry.


No two children are alike. Each child comes to us with different interests, talents, needs, and abilities. Not only do children develop at their own rates, but they often learn in very different ways. While one child may be a visual learner, another child may learn best by listening.

At our Pre-Schools we believe that each child is unique and this uniqueness should be honoured and celebrated.

The ability to generate and sustain children’s interest in learning is a critical skill for effective early childhood teachers. Teachers who can pique children’s curiosity and then use appropriate instructional strategies to convey information and skills provide children with rich learning environments. We provide an engaging and stimulating programme based on the child’s interests, input and ideas. We see children as independent learners who take responsibility for themselves, others and their environment, as they continue to develop their sense of agency. 

We provide a well-rounded education for all our students, employing a Visual Arts Teacher, Outdoor Educators to develop the children’s fundamental movement skills, and enjoying weekly visits from the Junior School Music and French Teachers. Specialists Teachers work collaboratively with the Class Teacher and Educator to build upon the individual child’s interests and the PYP current unit of inquiry. By providing a range of subjects and learning experiences from an early age, we aim to help children find their passion and inspire them to develop their knowledge and skills in subjects that they love.