Cranbrook School

Year 9 Pass Excursion to Bondi

Year 9 Pass Excursion to Bondi

Year 9 PASS students engaged in a 2-hour surfing excursion to promote the content within their unit “Participating with Safety”.

Students went through safety procedures and protocols led by Bondi Surf School instructors prior to embarking on the physical activity of surfing, body boarding and beach games. This reinforced their knowledge of being able to identify risk in physical activity and sport environments, and how those risks can be managed.

Students enjoyed going out into the sea with Bondi surf instructors to develop and improve their water based skills.

“It can be about the enjoyment of the day, but it’s the act of learning that we unboxed” – Lachie Russell

“It was one of the best school trips I have done ever!” – Remy Roberts

“Such an amazing learning experience for one another to recognise the fundamentals of safety when at a beach.”  – Ethan Sackar

“The experience was very unique for me but I loved it” – Joey Loucas

“It was really fun to swim with my mates, and it was cool to learn about the beach” – Oscar Avramides