Inspiring excellence in every endeavour

Cranbrook was founded in order to uphold the great tradition of liberal education and continues to do so by instilling and developing academic rigour.   As a School we aim to provide a rounded and balanced education. 
The School prides itself on the breadth of opportunity it provides its students.  In addition to, and complementing the holistic nature of the academic programme, the boys revel in the a wide range of sport and co-curricular activities.  If a boy's passion is for the creative or performing arts, Cranbrook's superb facilities and diverse co-curricular offerings will fire his imagination. As a school our standards of visual arts, music and drama productions are exceptional.   For sporting aficionados, the indoor pool, gymnasium and leading sports coaches provide the platform for boys to excel. The qualities of co-operation and team spirit as much as contest are encouraged. 
There is a gentle strength in all that we do and the qualities which we strive to instil in our students are resilience, confidence but also a sense of self-belief, co-operation, understanding and approachability.

Cranbrook School instils and supports the development of academic rigour, intellectual growth and an environment of responsibility and respect. We believe in people and their capacity to make the world a better place and in their drive to make the most of their gifts and talents.

Our aim as a School is to create a whole individual within a strong academic framework, and to prepare our students to voyage out beyond the comfortable, with courage and confidence. We value critical thinking and strive to build self-belief for all our students.

Our intellectual aims are supported by a first-rate pastoral system; boys are encouraged and enabled to build lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with their peers and the wider Cranbrook community. This ensures a sense of belonging and that each and every boy receives the individual care he deserves.

We have a co-curricular program that is broad and distinctive, holistic and well rounded. While we believe in the quality of School sports we place great importance on the enduring value of the arts, drama and music.

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