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Role of School Council

Role of Council

Cranbrook School is governed by its Memorandum and Articles of Association, which determines the School’s objectives; the membership of the Association; the composition of Council and the provisions for its election; as well as the respective powers and duties of Council and the Headmaster.

Council is responsible for the overall governance of the School. It is currently composed of 15 Councillors, which is the maximum number possible under the Constitution. Currently, eleven Councillors are 'Elective Councillors', of whom two must be Clergy. One third or three,whichever is the lesser number, of the Elective Councillors are required annually to stand for election at the Annual General Meeting. Two other Nominee Members are appointed by the Archbishop; while the Presidents of the Old Cranbrookians' Association; and the Cranbrook Parent’s Association are also members of Council. Council uses a skills matrix to assist with identifying candidates for membership of Council.  Using this matrix, the Nominations Committee makes recommendations to the whole Council on specific candidates. Council makes recommendations to the Members of the Association at the Annual General Meeting on individuals standing for election and on its overall skills’ requirements.

Council meets regularly at least nine times a year, including an annual strategy review. It functions according to the highest standards of corporate governance, with a strong set of protocols shaping the way it operates.  In line with best corporate governance, it undertakes an annual review of its overall performance and that of individual Councillors seeking re-election. 

One of Council’s principal roles is the appointment of the Headmaster. The Headmaster has primary responsibility for the appointment of staff and for dealing with all matters in relation to students, including their admission and, if ever required, their suspension or dismissal. The Headmaster also attends all meetings of Council.