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Coeducation at Cranbrook: New Uniform

Coeducation at Cranbrook: New Uniform

I am delighted to share an update with you on our coeducational planning. The school uniform is a significant milestone in this process, and as such I am excited to introduce the new coeducational uniform for all students which will be available from 2026. This uniform refreshment builds upon the strong foundations of our current uniform ensuring a variety of options for all students.

The updated uniform was designed by Jonathan Ward, who was the senior designer and creative director at R.M. Williams, and more recently has become a renowned designer of uniforms for many schools.  Jonathan worked closely with Cranbrook’s uniform committee, as well as current students and focus groups with girls in a process that was both collaborative and engaging.

The video below shows the uniform options which consists of an updated blue shirt, as well as the introduction of a white shirt for students in Years 11 and 12. The trousers and shorts have been darkened to a true charcoal, and there are both tailored and relaxed fits, which students can choose between. The same charcoal has been used for a skirt as well. There has also been the introduction of a summer dress.

The new uniform is in production now and will be available in the Cranbrook Uniform Shop from Term 4 2025, which will mean all Year 7 students in 2026 can start wearing the new uniform, and those in Year 11 can phase into the white shirts. We expect there to be a two-year transition period between the current and new uniform, with all students wearing the new uniform by 2028.

We will also be expanding our sporting uniforms, and are currently working with Jonathan Ward on this project, and will have uniforms for girls’ sports and coeducational sport ready to share with you next year.

Daisy Turnbull