Cranbrook School

Letters from 1918

Letters from 1918

During the current renovations of the Perkins building, preserved tins were found amongst the rubble. Within some of these tins were letters from students in 1918. Our archives department have uncovered the names of the students and their messages. 

Tin 1: 

VI.A.   1922

F. O. Crago

G. B. Lindley

J. G. Mawson

A. J. L. McDonnell

W. T. Meale

W. N. Johnson

R. M. Meares

H. C. H. White

G. G. Ashton

Where are they now?

On this thirteenth day of the eight month of the year of Our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and twenty three at twenty minutes past the seventh hour post meridiem we, the undersigned did vow out eternal service to this School. We do earnestly request that you who find this Sacred Document, will not disturb it from its place of rest. 

These illustrious names belong to the Boarder members of Form VIa– 1923.

Geoffrey Bray Lindley, Jan 191 – Dec 1923

Francis Orr Crago, July 22nd 1918 – Dec 1923

Geoffrey Carroll, Jan. 1919 – Dec. 1923.

Reginald Errol Maffey, July 22nd. 1918 – Dec. 1923s

John Leslie Mansfield, June 1919 – Dec. 1923.

William Thomas Meale, February 1921 – Dec. 1923

Macgregor Murray Scott, 1918 – 1923.

Gregory Edwin Walker-Taylor, Feb. 1922 – 1923