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St Michael's Pre-School

St Michael's Pre-School

St Michael's Pre-School provides an environment that is secure, warm and exciting. We use the International Baccalaureate's Primary Years Programme (PYP) curriculum framework to guide our approach to teaching and learning where children are able to develop life-long skills that they can take and use both inside and outside the classroom, and to support children’s efforts to construct meaning from the world around them.

Through inquiry, we engage children in learning from the very beginning of their education to develop:

  •  a positive self-concept and an increasing understanding and knowledge of the world
  • emotional security and the freedom to have fun through exploration and social interactions
  • social awareness and friendship skills that instil trust, the ability to share, to cooperate and to develop positive relationships
  • language and communication skills through guided and free inquiry
  • intellectual skills, reasoning skills, problem-solving skills and the understanding of basic concepts through guided inquiry
  • physical health through body awareness, sensory perception, and fine and gross motor skills
  • creativity through self-expression, language, music and inquiry.

Our Philosophy

At St Michael’s, the teachers nurture the love of learning by:

  • providing a stimulating, safe and caring learning environment
  • offering a variety of experiences to appreciate diversity of learning
  • engaging with the children in their learning
  • building trust between staff members
  • expecting parents to be in partnership with children’s learning

This is achieved through implementing the Early Years Learning Framework and International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme. Through these curriculum frameworks, students’ passion for learning is developed through an interest-based programme.

We believe that assessment is an integral part of our curriculum. As a child begins their journey, we extend their knowledge through investigations and promoting independent thought.  We believe in creating lifelong learners in an environment where resilience, confidence, respecting difference and appreciation of nature are attributes to be encouraged. We celebrate each child’s uniqueness. We do this through having an integrated learning programme of visual arts, music and language learning.

We enable children to become global-minded citizens who care about their families, their communities and the world, thus reaching their full potential.

Open Mornings 

When considering where to send your child to Pre-school, our Open Days provide an unique opportunity to discover what a Cranbrook Pre-school could offer you and your family. To register for an Open Day please click here, choose your preferred date and register your details. Numbers are limited and bookings are essential.

St Michael's Executive Team

  • Headmaster Nicholas Sampson MA (Cantab)
  • Head of Junior School Michele Marquet MEd, BA, DipEd
  • Deputy Head of Junior School (Student Wellbeing) Grant Andrews
  • Deputy Head of Junior School (Curriculum) Genet Erickson-Adam MEd
  • Deputy Head of Junior School (Operations & Staffing) Sarah Gill BEd (Primary), The Univeristy of Melbourne, MA(Leadership) UCL/IOE
  • Director of Pre-schools Neil White
  • St Michael's Educational Leader Stephanie Messina