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Student Wellbeing

Student Wellbeing

Our aim as a school is to ensure all students become resilient, assertive, independent and caring young men with the courage to make choices that improve their wellbeing and that of others.

The Cranbrook School Student Wellbeing Programme recognises that the promotion of student wellbeing, and a safe and secure learning environment that challenges, encourages and supports all students is fundamental to the achievement of the School's aims.

In the Junior School, student wellbeing is centred around the class teacher and Year Level teaching team to ensure each child is known and cared for as an individual. In the Senior School, the programme is based around our House System: one of the School’s greatest strengths designed to promote an environment in which students not only feel known, valued, engaged and purposeful.

Bullying and Harrassment

Cranbrook School does not tolerate bullying or harassment in any form.

It is everyone’s right to feel safe and secure at school. It is expected that all members of the School will work together to ensure that bullying and harassment do not happen. Cranbrook School’s Bullying Policy is distributed to all students and is available in the Annual Report and Policies page.

School Counselling

A feature of our ethos is the emphasis on the needs of the individual. The School is committed to offering care and counsel through the School Counsellors, who are trained psychologists, when problems and difficult situations arise either within or outside the School environment.

These experienced professionals play a significant role in all aspects of the pastoral care of students at Cranbrook School. They provide assessment, counselling and consultancy to individual students and families. Students may be referred by parents, Housemasters, tutors and teachers.  

Careers Programme

Cranbrook’s Careers Programme helps to prepare boys to leave the School and enter the world beyond, fully aware of the options available and the skills needed for their career ahead.

One-on-one consultations with boys, their parents, and the Careers Counsellor are encouraged throughout the final years at Cranbrook. These provide helpful advice to boys as they near the end of their time at Cranbrook. They also help develop a level of self-awareness that they will use to make the right choices for the future.

Year 10

Boys are introduced to the working world through the Work Experience Programme run in Year 10.  From this, they gain an insight into how they might be able to use their skills and interest in a career.

Year 11

After HSC subject selection, and once they have settled into the Preliminary HSC in Year 11, consultations and Careers Education classes help boys refine the goals they set for their final two years, along with providing skills on study and time management and an introduction into the study and work options available beyond school.

Year 12

Discussions continue once boys have entered the final year of the HSC and Year 12.  They are enhanced by a series of presentations by universities and private providers, and information evenings run by the Careers Counsellor for boys and their parents.  Boys are assisted with applications for scholarships and cadetships, and provided with advice on next steps if they are considering a gap-year before moving on to university.  These factors combine to ensure that boys make an informed right choice for their future and are ready for their next stage of life.

Spiritual Life

Cranbrook School is established in the Anglican tradition. Students from Years 7 to 11 take part in religious studies lessons which covers biblical literacy, Christian history, world religions and ethics. For students in Kindergarten to Year 6, religious studies lessons are embedded within relevant units of inquiry to help young students develop their understanding of the Anglican faith, the spiritual aspect of being human and other belief systems. Students are required to attend regular chapel services and special religious services such as Easter, Founders’ Day and an annual Advent Carol Service.

The designated position of Chaplain has been part of the life of Cranbrook since 1933. Today the School employs an ordained Anglican clergyman as Chaplain. He leads the team of Assistant Chaplains, staff, students and Old Boys who work to minister to the whole School community. The Chaplains are involved in all facets of school life from Pre-school to Year 12, as well as in the wider school community.

Whilst the School is committed to the Christian faith, it is also respectful and welcoming of people of other faiths.