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Additional Support

Additional Support

In keeping with its Vision and Mission, Cranbrook School is committed to nurturing the growth of individual boys, and supporting their needs and differences. The School recognises that some students require more support than others in order to cope with one or more areas of the curriculum. Some of these students may require educational support throughout their time in school; others may need support for a short period to help meet temporary needs.

The School also recognises that there are students with high academic and creative ability whose talents require particular nurture. Cranbrook's gifted programme addresses the needs of highly advanced students in order both to encourage these students to achieve their potential, and to foster their love of learning and enjoyment of school from Kindergarten to Year 12.

Junior School Educational Development Team

Our dedicated Educational Development Team work within our year level teaching teams to provide educational support to all students from Kindergarten to Year 6. For literacy and numeracy sessions daily, we have six teaching professionals working across the year level to differentiate the curriculum, including members of the Educational Development Team. Within each year level, a Case Manager oversees the individual learning needs of all students.

Referrals to Therapists

In the Junior School KaleidoSCOPE provides on-campus Speech and Occupational Therapy for those boys identified as requiring intensive intervention. Teaching teams can recommend a child for inclusion through the Case Manager and the Educational Development Team Coordinator.