Year 10 Visual Arts Landscape Workshop - Term 1 2019 - Cranbrook School

Year 10 Visual Arts Landscape Workshop - Term 1 2019

28 Feb 19 by Julia Lock

Last Friday Year 10 Visual Art students had to abandon their excursion to Waverley Cemetery because of the rain. A quick change of plans by Ms Lock and Mr Herron meant that we could experience a whole day painting and drawing in the classroom, building our drawing and painting skills. We were able to use photographs of the cemetery as our subject matter which worked well with our theme of Landscape as Metaphor.

We began with warm up sketches using dry materials such as graphite and charcoal and then worked on a more developed drawing using inks and pastels together on a coloured ground. In the next session Mr Herron demonstrated blocking in a painting using tones in the first instance and then introducing colours more carefully so as to control the mood or atmosphere of the work. We made at least 4 small works during this time. We finished with a large painting using this limited palette.  For many of us this workshop emphasised the process and practice of a professional artist and we understood the benefits of spending uninterrupted time to build an idea.

We are lucky to have two more painting sessions with Mr Herron in the next few weeks where we will put all these skills together to make a painting for our assessment.