Year 10 Global Learning in Action - Coffee Production - Cranbrook School

Year 10 Global Learning in Action - Coffee Production

09 Apr 19 by Matthew Carroll

Our Year 10 Global Studies boys have been studying the global coffee industry as part of their unit on Primary Production, exploring the nature of coffee production, the role of geography in determining the overall quality of coffee and how the industry is influenced by a range of global factors such as climate change, technological advancement and economic conditions.

The boys were lucky enough to experience a ‘coffee cupping’ session with Dom and Sam from White Horse coffee, tasting and differentiating the characteristics of their award winning house blend, made with beans from Brazil, Ethiopia, Burundi, Guatemala and Papua New Guinea. The boys learnt about the art of blending coffee to ensure consumer satisfaction with and without milk.

A huge thanks to White Horse Coffee and The Grounds of Alexandria for their time in sharing their love and passion for coffee with our students. The boys have developed exceptional portfolios of their terms work and have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the 2nd highest trade commodity in the world.

This was a perfect example of ‘Global Learning’ in action!