VET Construction Now Offered for Year 11 and 12 - Cranbrook School

VET Construction Now Offered for Year 11 and 12

28 May 20 by Tom Freeland

VET Construction is a new subject at Cranbrook and it gives the students the industry learning whilst still remaining at School. After the students have completed Years 11 and 12 they have the potential of walking away with a Certificate 2 in Construction Pathways; provided they are competent in both the practical and theory elements.

A VET course is competency based, which means that your son's assessments are based off standards set in industry. For each unit your son is deemed competent or not yet competent. Your son will have the option of completing the HSC external examination if they would like this course to count towards their ATAR.

The units that your son will be studying during Years 11 and 12 are:

  • CPCCWHS1001 - Prepare to work safely in the construction industry
  • CPCCOHS2001A - Apply OHS requirements, policies and processes on the construction industry
  • CPCCCM2005B - Use construction tools and equipment
  • CPCCCM1012A - Work effectively and sustainably in the construction industry
  • CPCCCM1013A -Plan and organise work
  • CPCCCM1014A - Conduct workplace communication
  • CPCCCM1015A - Carry out measurements and calculations
  • CPCCCM2001A - Read and interpret plans and specifications
  • CPCCCM2006B Apply basic levelling procedures
  • CPCCCM2004A Handle construction materials
  • CPCCCM2002B Use carpentry tools and equipment
  • CPCCCO2013A Carry out concreting to simple forms
  • CPCCJN2001A Assemble components
  • CPCCJN2002B Prepare for off-site manufacturing process

Whilst completing these competencies we will be making the following:

  • Tool Boxes
  • Saw Horse
  • Full sized housing frame
  • Cubby house (this will then be giving to a charity)
  • Levelling out areas to lay tiles
  • Creating formwork for a concrete slab and laying a concrete slab

As part of this subject you son will complete their White card, which allows for them to go onto work sites and is primarily relevant for when they complete work placement. Your soon will complete 70 hours of work placement, this is broken down into two 1 week blocks of 35hrs each. They will complete a work placement in Year 11 and Year 12, this is organised by the School through a private provider.

Your son will be given a uniform for them to wear during Construction class and whilst they are on work placement, this will consist of a HI-Vis shirt, tools belt and necessary tools this will be a part of the subject fee that is billed to your account at the end of each term. If you are interested in your son taking this course, please ensure that you purchase a pair of steel cap boots for class as they are a necessary item due to the Workplace Health and Safety legislation.