The Changing Role of Teachers - Cranbrook School

The Changing Role of Teachers

01 Jun 17 by Tim Browning, Head of Senior School

When we as parents attended class back in the 80s there was a clear authority gap between students and teachers. The institution and its employees were afforded authority automatically by all members of the community. It was unquestionable. This authority gap has reduced substantially over the last 30 years and in many school contexts it does not exist now. In most cases this is a great development as authentic teaching and learning has always been based on mutually respectful relationships. The challenge that comes with this change is that the responsibility of teachers to build positive relations with students is far heavier.

Good teachers have a way of disarming the emotional baggage that many a grumpy and disengaged adolescent brings to a classroom. Good teachers build relationships of mutual trust and find a way to connect with each student to bring out their best. It is after the establishment of trust that students feel secure enough to try and fail, and try again. Such an atmosphere is vital in every learning environment at Cranbrook. We are fortunate at Cranbrook to possess a team of teachers who do not need to rely on an authority gap to action the vision and mission of the School.

Since the start of 2017 we have been making a concerted effort to live out EQV (Esse Quam Videri - to be rather than to seem to be) in all habits and practices. The roll out of the Co-Mission has been key to ensuring all staff, students and families understand what EQV actually looks like. I encourage you to challenge your son(s) to live up to this mission:

  • Celebrate the Individual
  • Model and Expect Respect
  • Strive for Excellence
  • Embrace Global Mindedness
  • Lead Through Service