National Boarding Week 2017 - Cranbrook School

National Boarding Week 2017

29 May 17 by James Boyd & Matt Banes - Boarding Housemasters

Unless you have been to boarding school when you are very young, it is absolutely impossible to appreciate the delights of living at home – Roald Dahl.The boys of Rawson and Street once more dispelled the sentiment of the eminent author over the course of last week as they threw themselves into National Boarding Week, raised the profile of our small but integral community and gathered important funds both for the homeless in Sydney and brain cancer research.

On Monday, we ran a sausage sizzle at lunchtime for the school community from our bbq outside of Street – it was a well-supported affair, with a large number of day pupils tucking in. The boys flipped snags, collected money, organised the queue, cajoled passers-by and went around the campus Apprentice-style drumming up further support. Over $700 was raised for Sydney’s homeless as part of our ongoing plan to contribute to the wider community. We will be visiting shelters in the coming weeks and next term will be sleeping rough to show our support. On Wednesday, we opened our doors to anyone who was keen to see where we live and how we go about our daily lives. It was fantastic to see the boys guiding their peers in the day community around the houses, showing them their rooms, enjoying a game of pool or table tennis and talking through their daily routines – “this is so cool”, “I want to board”, “I didn’t even know this was here” were heard multiple times…

Over the course of the week, we also decided to take on a physical challenge to include the boys and resident staff alike – undertaking a journey the coastal length of New South Wales by rowing machine, exercise bike and treadmill. Equipment was set up on the Rawson balcony (offering the boys a breathtaking view of the harbour while they pumped out the km!) and was in constant use as we sought to complete the 2137km from Murwillumbah to Eden. The finish line was crossed on Friday night to happy scenes…and pizza. We continue to raise money for brain cancer research so please show your support -

While the spirit within boarding at Cranbrook is evident on a daily basis for us – the camaraderie built between the boys by living together is unparalleled – initiatives such as these expose it to those who perhaps know little about this particular enclave of the school. The boys contribute to life here in a huge array of ways and we were happy to make a small difference this week by embracing our commitment to serving those less fortunate than ourselves.