Masterplan Update - Week 2, Term 1 2021 - Cranbrook School

Masterplan Update - Week 2, Term 1 2021

04 Feb 21 by Natalie Cook

Our construction team worked tirelessly throughout the holidays and have made some terrific progress with the redevelopment.

Works have progressed on the concrete slab pours, including the underground carpark slabs in the AFC.  Concrete pours have now been undertaken to the first two zones of the AFC roof beams, slabs and columns to the west, with further scaffolding and preparation of formwork for continuation of the AFC roof structure.  The bird cage scaffolding system is covering approximately two-thirds of the pool footprint. 

The Centenary Building works include the completion of inground services, pouring of concrete slabs below the theatre, and progression of the CB buttress foundations and lift pit structure. 

The landscape is changing rapidly around the site and it is fantastic to witness many of the boys’ excitement at the changes they can now see around them.

At the end of last year we welcomed 67 Year 12 Business Studies students on site along with seven of their teachers. Topics covered during the excursion included analysing the construction programme, critical path, delays and examining a case study. It was a great experience for them to truly understand everything that is involved in the construction programme.

A few of the latest stats to share with you:

  • 1456 Piles have been made
  • Total material loaded out so far = 181,000 Tonne 
  • A total of 89,575 m3 will be removed from the site
  • Boral take all the sand to their location in Emu Plains and then wash the sand before turning it into more concrete. The concrete is then used to build the project. The recycling system allows us to use the same materials we already have on site
  • Currently 80 people working on site and we estimate over 200 people will be on site within the coming weeks.
  • Qty. of Concrete Used = 7,700 m3  
  • Qty. of Steel = 580 Tonne
  • Shoring wall retained height in front of centenary building: 18 m 
  • Rock excavation height : 15 m 

Please do keep an eye out on our School’s social channels for further updates. I look forward to sharing more information with you over coming weeks as the redevelopment continues to take shape. These are very exciting times!