Masterplan Update - A Message from the Headmaster - Cranbrook School

Masterplan Update - A Message from the Headmaster

01 Oct 20 by Nicholas Sampson, Headmaster

There has been a high and sustained level of anticipation regarding the revitalisation of our Senior School campus and I am delighted to provide this update.

Whilst it has been a tumultuous year for many of us as the world around us paused to deal with the onslaught of Covid-19, the renewal of our campus has continued apace, and I acknowledge and commend the hard work and dedication of the School’s construction company, Richard Crookes Construction, who have worked tirelessly, amidst the pandemic’s restrictions, to change our landscape so dramatically.

We are now over one third of the way through an expected 26-month renewal project and on track to have completed construction by the end of 2021. Throughout this period of Covid-19, the entire Cranbrook Project Team has remained committed to keeping everyone on site and in the local community safe, complying at all times with Richard Crookes Construction’s Covid-19 response plan protocols.

The Bellevue Hill campus precinct is taking shape rapidly and every step of the way has been documented by the School’s Foundation and Communications Teams. The progress is best demonstrated in the 360-degree perspective which, month by month, records visually how the works are progressing in real time. Click here to view.

This renewal is not only magnificent in its design and vision of a new heart for the School, but is also a brilliant construction feat in itself. A few recent statistics reflect just how vast and tremendous this renewal project is. For example, in total 89,575 m3 of soil will eventually have been removed from the site with approximately 80,000 m3 so far having been excavated. And it is estimated that there is approximately 10,000 m3 of rock located within the Centenary Building excavation zone. This will all be taken away and the sand will be washed to become concrete which will, in turn, be used to build the project. This recycling system allows us to use the same materials we already have on site.

There are currently 80 construction workers on campus and this number will increase to 200 as the project continues. In total we have 21 plant and machinery pieces on site including 9 excavators, 3 piling rigs and 2 mobile cranes, as well as the recently arrived tower crane.

We are conscious of the impact on the environment in everything we do and we have measures in place to lessen this impact, including dust suppression via water cannons, sediment control fending around the perimeter of the site, a spill kit on site to clean up any chemical spills and recycling at least 90% of our construction and demolition waste.

Almost all civil works are complete for the Aquatic & Fitness Centre, and the first section of the pool floor was poured at the end of August. The pool will continue to take shape throughout October. Most of the pilings for the Centenary Building have been completed with the current focus being on rock breaking, anchoring and excavation.

It is good to witness the pedagogical benefits of this project that are already being experienced. Our Year 9 Visual Arts class documented the construction work in process at the end of last term working with renowned artist, Becky Gibson, through paintings of the construction site.

As part of the Visual Arts programme, students are offered authentic experiences in the creative process. They are encouraged to find challenging subject matter and to build their skills in a number of expressive forms.

The excitement around the campus is palpable as boys are starting to notice the significant changes taking place to their surroundings. The sense of wonder and anticipation for boys and our staff alike is so very evident.

And it is not just the boys that are transfixed by the changes to the campus even those closest to the project are thrilled to see the way it is coming together.

A first rate educational environment can build morale, provide opportunities for collaboration and improve outcomes. The new spaces we are creating will encourage fellowship and social engagement in beautiful, clean and functional surroundings. This will become a place all Cranbrookians in the future can call their own.

On behalf of Cranbrook, I should like to express my immense gratitude for the generosity and benevolence of the philanthropy of so many people within our community who have given money or other support to ensure that this Masterplan becomes our reality.

Please do keep an eye on our social channels for the latest photographs of the build. Our Communications Team will capture all the developments as they take place and will share them with you on Facebook and Instagram, as well as in the weekly Cranbrook Link.

I look forward to bringing you further updates upon progress as the redevelopment continues to take shape and we move closer and closer to completion.