Introducing Adrian Kingwell - Cranbrook School

Introducing Adrian Kingwell

09 Jun 17 by Cranbrook Communications

At the beginning of the year, Adrian Kingwell joined our Music Department.  Responsible for developing the Popular Music Programme by working with HSC Music 1 students, and students involved in bands across all years.

Adrian’s role includes creating bespoke arrangements for students to perform, as well as fine tuning and rehearsing ensembles. In addition, Adrian supports the performance and compositional outcomes of students across all years, but particularly Year 8, where he is also a classroom teacher. Adrian is also in charge of recording and documenting the musical life of Cranbrook. This includes recording live performances, such as Easter Mass, as well developing a pathway for all boys involved in the Popular Music Programme to record their own compositions.

Adrian is delighted to have joined a team of Music staff who are all such highly-talented individuals who approach both teaching and music in such varied ways. As a team, they promote both personal and departmental excellence within staff and students – not in a competitive or authoritative way, but rather a collegial and collaborative way.Teaching since 2008 Adrian has taught at MLC School and Monte Sant’Angelo . What continues to excite Adrian about teaching is the ability to challenge student’s pre-existing conceptions and encouraging mental flexibility, empathy and critical thinking.  All skills which are needed to not only be a well-rounded musician but essential life skills.  Whilst Adrian has previously taught at girls schools, he is enjoying teaching boys as he admires their audacity and believes they are willing to take artistic risks. 

Adrian believes that one of the biggest challenges teachers face today is between implementing technology in an integrative way without it becoming tokenistic versus relying solely on it and then being anchored by it. And, as a Music teacher specifically, one of the challenges Adrian faces is how best to marry popular music, which students know well and love, with the more esoteric yet equally important classical music that students may not be as familiar with.

Just prior to joining Cranbrook, Adrian finished composing a 50 minute theatrical song-cycle, his Masters dissertation, starting lecturing at the Sydney Conservatorium whilst simultaneously starting  a men’s choir in Mosman through the Hummingsong Community Choirs!