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Happy Birthday Cranbrook!

26 Jul 18 by Cranbrook Communications

Cranbrook has officially commenced its second Century.  Last Sunday (22 July) Cranbrook reached the grand old age of 100 years old.

To celebrate our School’s birthday last week 100 of our parents, Old Boys and current students cut short their school holidays to put their uniforms back on and join us to cut the birthday cake and make our photographic mark on the School archives.

Nicholas Sampson commented: “It was an impressive show of our School’s vibrant sense of community that so many boys willingly came to school during their holidays to take part in this pictorial celebration.” 

Year 7 student, Patrick Sheller, was particularly happy to come in to School on the 22 July as he shares his birthday with the School.  Patrick was delighted to receive a second birthday cake that day!  Patrick’s father is an Old Cranbrookian and was the Head of Northcott House. This is just one of dozens of examples of personal affinity with Cranbrook that enliven our history books.