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Ethan Tan – Australia’s next Mathematical Hero.

08 Mar 17 by David Hull and Claire Burden

The Olympic Games is the pinnacle event for most sports. It pits the very best against one other and pushes each competitor to their limits. It can be where heroes are made or dreams are crushed. To most, simply being selected to represent your country is the highest honour they can be given but all competitors are there to answer one question: how good can they be?At 14 years of age, Ethan Tan is currently in Year 11 at Cranbrook. He finished his HSC in Extension 2 Mathematics last year and came first in his cohort. He has a brilliant mind and a thirst for knowledge but he, too, longs to know just how good he is.Last year Ethan was asked to try out for the Australian team to compete in the Asia Pacific Mathematics Olympiad. The selection process involved sitting two four-hour papers where he produced solutions to eight questions that involved concepts well beyond the Higher School Certificate level. Last week Ethan was selected as one of 28 school students to represent Australia at the Mathematics Olympiad. He will travel to the competition and work with his team to take on some of the greatest Mathematical minds of his generation.Although it is common to wish a student luck before they embark upon a challenge like this, it is not luck which has brought him this opportunity; it is his incredible desire for knowledge, his willingness to work at something until he has mastered it and his passion for Mathematics which has brought him to this point.I hope you will join me in congratulating Ethan on his selection and reminding him that he has an entire nation behind him wishing him every success.