Encore success - Cranbrook School

Encore success

22 Mar 17 by IT Department

Composition is an important and highly valued part of the musical life at Cranbrook School. Led by our composition teacher, Mr Alex Pozniak the creative output of our boys is flourishing at all levels with co-curricular composition classes on Monday and Tuesday morning through to embedded content in Stage 4, 5 and 6. Last year we had 14 compositions submitted across Music 1, Music and Music Extension. Of particular note, were the Encore nominations for Samuel Feitelberg and Daniel Siu and you can find links to their composition recordings here.

Sam’s piece received further acknowledgement by being chosen to open this year’s Encore Concert series in front of two sold-out performances at the Sydney Opera House. Mr Pozniak shares a little more about Sam’s journey below:

Sam composed ‘Spring Bird’ as one of the two pieces he developed during his HSC Music 2 Extension course. The piece, written for choir, found Sam exploring the harmonic possibilities of blending the different voices of the choir to form a variety of harmonic colours from radiant consonances to blurred dissonant touches. Additionally to composing the music, Sam penned the lyrics himself as a poem, enabling him to craft both the musical and lyrical materials in an intertwined manner. Sam clearly drew on the invaluable experiences gained from years of singing in choirs both at Cranbrook and in the wider musical community. What an achievement to have conceived of a musically successful, engaging and rich sound world that captivated not only the HSC markers but also a sold out Opera House concert hall at Encore! It’s great to hear that Sam is continuing to pursue his passion for music with studies at the Australian Institute of Music.