Dual Olympian and Old Cranbrookian Steve Solomon inspires the Class of 2021 - Cranbrook School

Dual Olympian and Old Cranbrookian Steve Solomon inspires the Class of 2021

15 Sep 21 by Cranbrook Communications

Dual Olympian and Co-Captain of the Australian team at the Tokyo Olympics, and Old Cranbrookian, Steve Solomon addressed our Year 12 students this week with some advice on preparations for their HSC exams.

Like our Year 12 students, Steve suffered the frustrations of having something he was working towards delayed. He trained to be able to perform at his peak for an Olympic Games which was due to be held in 2020 only for COVID to intervene and postpone the event for 12 months.

Despite this setback, Steve ran a personal best in the 400 metres event at the Tokyo Olympics on the most important stage of all in highly challenging and unfamiliar conditions.

“Your preparation has been impacted by the COVID pandemic. I faced a similar challenge of having to recalibrate to be able to peak at the right time once the goal posts had been moved… I can relate to how some of you might be feeling. I know it feels unfair and it might be demotivating. But if you put in the work now you can realise a grander level of success when the HSC starts in November.”

He urged the boys to sandwich their strengths with other areas they needed to focus on as a way of building momentum, allowing them to avoid burnout and perform at their optimum level. Steve also stressed the vital importance of identifying a daily routine during the holidays which combined study with a chance to relax, particularly relevant during this lockdown.

This week’s talk was part of a series which Steve will give in the lead up to this year’s HSC and a second message is planned for the start of Term 4.