Design and Technology Major Design Project 2017: Work underway - Cranbrook School

Design and Technology Major Design Project 2017: Work underway

17 May 17 by Shae Fleming

Whilst it may feel like just yesterday we were applauding the fantastic Major Design Projects of the 2016 Design and Technology  scholars, this year’s Year 12 have been diligently working on their round of projects and what an innovative range they are.

With the submission of their initial concept ideas and preliminary prototyping last week, it is clear that Cranbrook Designers are setting the bar higher and another stellar set of inventions are soon due for release to the market.  

Their professionally presented sketches and trend analysis presentation boards accompanied their innovative models and prototypes clearly showing the boys have been thinking creatively and problem solving based on real target market needs.

Benjamin Brennan's pressure sensing mountain bike emergency beacon is well underway to revolutionising this dangerous sport and Michael Orfanos’s brief looks at tackling the issue of food wastage by redesigning the aesthetic of the ‘doggy bag’; making it cool to carry out of a restaurant.  

Although far from complete it is a terrific start to what is typically a daunting yet exciting final year and we look forward to sharing more great projects soon.