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Cranbrook in the Media: HSC Results 2019

16 Dec 19 by Cranbrook Communications

Cranbrook School Student Tops the State in THREE HSC Subjects

Please attribute to Jesse Caminer, Year 12 Student

“I am delighted that I have placed FIRST in the state in three HSC courses - English Advanced, English Extension 2 and Chinese Continuers.”

“I was so pleased to share this amazing information with my teachers and thank them for their support and guidance over the past year”

“I am so grateful to have been able to pursue such a niche and uncommon selection of subjects at Cranbrook, which truly allowed me to flourish.”

Please attribute to Cranbrook School Headmaster, Mr Nicholas Sampson:

“It is magnificent that this year we have one of our exceptional Cranbrookians among the students to top HSC subjects in the class of 2019.”

“To have such success of not one, but three, firsts amongst non-selective candidature is testament to not only the all-roundedness of our boys, but the dedication of our teaching staff who have nurtured boys like Jesse academically and pastorally from Year 7 to graduation.”

Please attribute to Cranbrook School Deputy Headmaster, Mr Bob Meakin:

“As teachers we feel great pride in hearing the results of Jesse’s determination and commitment.”

“This is a sensational achievement. To top two of the most competitive courses in the state, English advanced and English extension 2, plus a subject not in his native tongue, is a great result.”

“Jesse’s result shows the wide range of capability and diversity amongst our student population and is testament to how our staff teach to each boy’s strengths.”

Please attribute to Nick Jolly, Director of Academics

“These results are exceptional and reflect the diverse academic strengths of our non-selective student population.”

“We are thrilled that Jesse’s exceptionally hard work has paid off and look forward to learning more of our cohort’s results in the next 24 hours.”