A Message from the Headmaster - Coronavirus information - Cranbrook School

A Message from the Headmaster - Coronavirus information

27 Jan 20 by Nicholas Sampson, Headmaster

Families will be aware that global health authorities are dealing at present with an outbreak of Coronavirus.

We are aware that during the holiday period a number of our families have spent time with people who have, or have themselves, travelled abroad through China, to China, or with Chinese nationals internationally or en-route to Australia. Cranbrook operates NSW Ministry of Health mandated Infection Control Guidelines to ensure the risk of any spread of disease is limited.

However, given the severity of the Coronavirus disease, and the small yet increasing prevalence of it in NSW specifically, we ask families to take the following precautionary steps to ensure the continued good health of our Cranbrook community as students and staff return to School: 

  • If your child or someone in your family known to the child has visited China or any affected area including Hong Kong or been in contact with anyone who has in the last 14 days, we ask that you obtain a medical clearance certificate for them prior to them attending our Pre, Junior or Senior School campuses. This certificate should be provided to staff on arrival at campus. A medical clearance certificate should include the date of arrival in Australia and the date of the medical examination.
  • If parents or guardians have visited China or any other affected area including Hong Kong, within the last 14 days, we ask that you obtain a medical clearance certificate or refrain from entering our campus until the government mandated incubation period has passed since your potential exposure to the disease.
  • International boarding students returning to Australia from any affected region in China or any other affected area including Hong Kong, must have a medical clearance certificate prior to arriving at the Senior School campus, unless they have been back in Australia for more than 14 days and during this time have not shown any symptoms, or come into contact with anyone who has visited these affected areas during that period.

On arrival at Cranbrook, international boarders, or boarders who have visited China or travelled abroad in any of those affected areas in the School Holidays, must visit the Health Centre immediately on arrival at School before engaging with staff and students or entering the Boarding House for a preliminary health discussion.

  • A number of Cranbrook community gatherings are planned during the course of January and February. We ask that those who have visited China or other affected areas within 14 days of these events do not attend these occasions, to limit any potential risk.
  • Any person who has been in contact with a person confirmed or suspected to have Coronavirus should not attend School for 14 days after their last contact with the infected or potentially infected person.
  • Parents and guardians must immediately notify the School if they become aware that a student or family member has been in contact with a person known or suspected to have Coronavirus.
  • Should you, your child or any family member, develop respiratory symptoms, please contact the Emergency Department at your local hospital for further instruction and advice.

Children and staff who have recently returned from overseas and have not visited those areas and are well, and are not close contacts of a confirmed or suspected case, are able to attend Cranbrook as usual.

Cranbrook will continue to be guided by NSW Health and the Federal Department of Health regarding appropriate action to be taken. The official advice can be found at:  https://www.health.nsw.gov.au/Infectious/factsheets/Pages/novel-coronavirus.aspx?

Should you wish to discuss your son’s return to School further, please contact your child’s class teacher or Housemaster.

We thank you for your support in taking these precautionary steps and look forward to welcoming you back to Cranbrook this week.