A Message from the Headmaster - 2018 HSC Results - Cranbrook School

A Message from the Headmaster - 2018 HSC Results

17 Dec 18 by Nicholas Sampson, Headmaster

It is with great pleasure that I share news of the academic achievement of the Year 12 Class of our 2018 Centenary Year.

Thanks to the dedication of our exceptional teaching staff who have supported many of these boys since their Cranbrook journey began, this cohort has secured the highest ranking on the HSC Top Schools List we have ever achieved.

Our placing on this list jumped eight places from 41st position in 2017 to 33rd place in 2018. This is a significant achievement from 2016 when we placed 55th in the state. A truly exceptional achievement and one which signals that we, as a School, are stepping into our second century from a strong position.

We are incredibly proud of our boys’ achievements: supported by their teachers these results have been achieved through dedication, hard work and a love of school life.

I wish to, on behalf of the whole Cranbrook community, extend our heartfelt wish that the HSC Results and ATAR you have obtained provides a stepping stone to, and inspiration for, a prosperous career.

We know that some of you will feel elated at your results and the vast array of opportunities they will open up for you as you look to further study or an aspirational career path. Others may feel a sense of disappointment at perhaps not meeting the exacting standards you had set for yourself.

Whatever the case, it is my fervent hope that whatever marks you have attained they truly reflect the sum of your efforts and open up a world of opportunity for you in life beyond our School gates.

Whilst the focus on HSC numbers may seem all consuming at this point and certainly give pause for reflection and consideration, it is worth remembering that they are but one of a number of measures of success and will not define the entirety of your future.

What will make you into the man you become from here will be the whole composite of your growth; academically, personally, pastorally, spiritually and across the breadth of your learning and appreciation of the disciplines in which you’ve engaged: sports, visual art, music, design, drama sciences and languages to name a few.

I have recorded a personal message for our HSC students regarding their achievement and future endeavours.

It was with great pride that we today welcomed back to the campus many of our Year 12 students. This casual breakfast gathering provided an opportunity to share their news, celebrate their achievements and hear of their more solidified goals and next steps now their results are known.

It is with great pleasure that I announce that we have not one, not two, but three Dux in our Centenary Year.

Sincere congratulations to Ethan Tan, Fionn Parker and Josh Turner for this impressive achievement in our Centenary Year.

These three boys are among just 46 students in the state to achieve the highest possible ATAR of 99.95. This is an incredible achievement for Cranbrook School, particularly given our non-selective student candidature.

Ethan has been an outstanding student, showing maturity and capability well beyond his 15 years. He has blended seamlessly into the Year 12 cohort devoting himself to his studies and embracing all aspects of Cranbrook life. He will undoubtedly go on to achieve outstanding success at university and beyond, and we are excited for him and wish him all the very best.

Fionn has been an outstanding performer in and out of the classroom. His ATAR is the product of a disciplined approach to his studies from Year 7. He has struck a wonderful balance between intellectual pursuits and co-curricular involvement and deserves every success.

Joshua has been an outstanding contributor to Cranbrook over the last six years. Academically he has pushed himself to pursue nothing less than excellence, and this is true too in the co-curricular arena. Additional to all of his outstanding qualities is his unassuming ability to see the best in people. He deserves every accolade and success.

Well done to all three of you!

Whilst ATARs are not reported to Schools, today we were delighted to welcome back to the campus many of our Year 12 students and hear of their results.

The results are outstanding, with many boys achieving an ATAR above 90. What makes these results even more impressive is the

all-roundedness of boys who scored well and also achieved in sports, arts, design and technology.

At the time of this HSC Results message, we are aware of the following outstanding ATARs and congratulate these boys on their achievement.

It is pleasing to also announce our students who have placed at the top of the state among 76,732 students who sat the HSC this year.

The following four boys were top achievers, receiving a place in the state in one or more of their courses.

Students who are eligible for naming on the HSC All Round Achievers List have gained 90% or better in ten or more HSC units.

This year 15 boys achieved a place on this prestigious list, up from 13 in 2017 and five in 2016. Congratulations to the following boys.

The Distinguished Achievers List names students who have scored 90% or above in a subject to receive a merit (Band 6 Result).

Cranbrook boys gained 258 merits in total, including 68 in all Mathematics courses and 57 in all English courses, including 42 in the English Advanced course.

In 2018 we have 102 students in total being placed on the Distinguished Achievers List in at least one subject which represents 64% of the 2018 HSC cohort. Congratulations to these boys named below.

Overall, Cranbrook ranked 28th in the English Advanced, English Extension 1 and English Extension 2 results. This makes us the highest ranked non-selective boys independent school in these subjects.

From initial analysis we are proud to advise that the following courses have achieved exceptional results:

A special mention also to 12-year-old Ajay Murugasu, one of the youngest students in the state in the Mathematics Extension 2 course, who has achieved a Band 6 result. An outstanding achievement.

This year we are also proud to advise an array of HSC Student Nominations across Visual Arts, Drama, Music, Industrial Technology, and Design & Technology.

ARTEXPRESS is the annual exhibition of exemplary artworks created by Visual Arts HSC students.

Of 8770 students who submitted Bodies of Work this year, 402 were nominated for inclusion in ARTEXPRESS and 240 were actually selected for inclusion in the exhibition.

In fabulous news, both Mychal Bruell and Monty Morrison-Budge’s Bodies of Work were selected for inclusion in the ARTEXPRESS Exhibition and their work will go on display in the Tamworth Regional Gallery from the August 2 to September 22 next year.

Congratulations Mychal and Monty!

OnSTAGE is a presentation and exhibition of group and individual performances and projects by HSC Drama students.

The following students were nominated for OnSTAGE for their individual performances:

The following students were nominated for OnSTAGE for their Group Performance titled Sweat Glands:

The following students were considered for inclusion in Writers OnSTAGE/OnSCREEN at the Seymour Centre, Sydney as part of the 2019 OnSTAGE exhibition:

Jack Shanahan’s work was shortlisted, whilst Michael Aroney’s Design Poster was selected for the OnSTAGE Exhibition, held in the foyer of the Seymour Centre, from February 9 to 15 2019.

Congratulations Michael and Jack!

ENCORE is the programme of outstanding performances and compositions by students from the HSC Music examinations. It is held annually at the Sydney Opera House.

The following students were nominated for ENCORE 2018 for their music performances:

Congratulations, boys.

The Shape exhibition features a selection of exemplary Major Projects from HSC Design and Technology students. In 2018, just one Cranbrook student was nominated.

Well done Angus

InTech is an exhibition of outstanding Major Projects from HSC Industrial Technology students.

Congratulations boys!

Further detailed analysis will take place as we receive full information over the weeks to come and, as every year, we will share the full results with you in the New Year.

Of course, these are just some of our Centenary Year success stories, with much to celebrate across the entire School. It was with great pride that we acknowledged the achievements of our students across the Senior School and Junior School at the annual Prize Giving Ceremonies held earlier this month. I also take this opportunity to formally acknowledge Nicholas Fiani as the recipient of the highly esteemed Tennis Silverton Cup for 2018. You will find the final version of the Prize Giving Programme, including Nicholas' achievement, here. Please also find a link to our Junior School Prize Giving Programme here.

To our Year 12 Class of the Centenary Year, we wish you the best in your next endeavours and, as the next generation of Old Cranbrookians, we hope you will stay in contact with us here at the School and also let us know of your University offerings in early January.

In guiding you along your educational journey, we have sought to inculcate values of compassion, warmth of spirit, intellectual versatility and a lifelong love of learning which are pertinent in leading a rich and rewarding life. It is my great hope that you reflect on these lessons as you navigate your way through life, as I know they will serve you well in pursuing your passions with courage and conviction.

On behalf of all of the teaching staff here and the wider Cranbrook Community, I congratulate each of you on your extraordinary achievements, wish each of you tremendous success as you set forth on this next exciting chapter of your lives, and look forward to watching your continued successes in life beyond School.

With warmest wishes

Yours sincerely

Nicholas Sampson