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Introduction to Co-Curricular

Cranbrook offers a wide range of extra subjects over and above the set curriculum designed to widen each students’ horizons, enable them to find their niche and allow them to grow in confidence and achieve excellence in all that they do. 

Reflecting the true ethos of the School, Cranbrook's co-curricular activities are broad, distinctive, holistic and well rounded.


Music forms a very special part of the Cranbrook community.  Our vision is to provide a world class music programme for a world class school: an inclusive music programme with excellence at its core. A programme which excites, inspires and encourages boys to dream, persevere and achieve; while developing resilience and personal growth.


Our Sports programme is both deep and wide: major sports flourish alongside important minority pursuits. All are undertaken in a spirit of genuine education: we play sport because it teaches valuable lessons about resilience, challenge, courage, failure and success. Each of our teams aim to be greater than the sum of its individual parts. We look for grace in both victory and defeat. We are proud that Cranbrookians have competed at the highest level and have represented themselves and their communities with distinction and humility.