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Frequently Asked Questions

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To find out more about the project, share feedback, or lodge a complaint community members and stakeholders can contact Cranbrook School via 


PHONE: (02) 9327 9000 

A record of all complaints received on this project can be found here.

Frequently Asked Questions  

  • I want to complain or make an enquiry. Who do I contact? 

    Community members and stakeholders can contact Cranbrook School via or (02) 9327 9000 to find out more about the project, share feedback, or lodge a complaint. 

    A record of all complaints received on this project can be found here.

  • Why does the school need to undertake this project?

    We have a number of buildings and facilities that are ageing, require costly maintenance and are nearing the end of their useful purpose. The proposed redevelopment aims to:

    • replace existing facilities with modern facilities that reflect new ways of learning and which support the physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of its students;
    • provide high quality, multipurpose, sporting and cultural spaces and facilities;
    • create a learning environment that complements the strong academic framework and the pursuit of excellence at Cranbrook.
  • Is the redevelopment related to a plan to increase student numbers?

    No. This is a plan for renewal, not expansion. The school is not seeking an increase in the current cap on the number of approved students that can be enrolled at the school.

  • Where is the planning approval process up to?

    The school undertook some preliminary consultation with neighbours and key stakeholders in 2016 and incorporated feedback from those sessions into early designs. The formal planning application commenced in October 2017 with the Department of Planning and Environment approving the Development Application in 2019.

    Following rigorous tender, Richard Crookes Constructions was appointed the preferred contractor in November 2019. 

    The infancy of the transformational change is already visible on Hordern Oval. Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Assessment Report (ACHAR) investigations, to help progress the Stage 2 Masterplan redevelopment project, have commenced.

    These works involve a two stage programme of Aboriginal archaeological test and salvage excavations in accordance with the State Significant Development Application (SSDA) Conditions of Consent. The ACHAR investigations are required to be undertaken prior to commencement of the proposed Centenary Building and Aquatic & Fitness Centre buildings.

    Major construction works are anticipated to commence in the December/January 2020 School holiday period.

  • Are there any benefits for the local community? 

    The proposed redevelopment promises several benefits for immediate neighbours of the school and the surrounding community. The dedicated on-campus student drop-off and pickup zone will improve local amenity and ease traffic congestion on Rose Bay Avenue and Victoria Street in morning and afternoon peaks. The underground car park to be located under Hordern Oval will remove cars from residential streets, improving access to street parking for nearby residents and visitors. 

  • How will the School and surrounding residents be affected during construction?

    We will continue to be respectful of our neighbours at all times and will work with them to minimise any disruption during construction. All of the proposed building work is inside the campus, remote from and mostly below the street level of our closest neighbours.

    Our School will continue to operate on-site as normal, so the construction program will be managed to minimise dust and noise. The School has gained experience of maintaining the amenity of the immediate school environment during construction from the refurbishment program that is was recently completed in its Senior School building. Careful design and supervision of these works has allowed teaching to continue in the building during construction with minimal adverse impact for students, staff and neighbours. This experience will inform the renewal construction works. 

    Detailed studies regarding traffic, parking, acoustic and dust and visual privacy impacts have been undertaken to inform management plans.

  • Will any views be affected by new buildings?

    We expect minimal or no impact to neighbours sight lines or views. Almost all of the planned capital works will be below street level in Rose Bay Avenue.

  • When will construction commence and how long will it take?

    Minor pre-construction works have commenced from November 2019. Major construction works are anticipated to commence in the December/January 2020 School Holiday period. 

  • Will there be ongoing community consultation?

    Cranbrook is committed to genuine consultation with stakeholders, particularly our neighbours. We intend to be transparent and collaborative with our stakeholders as this once in a 100 year renewal redevelopment of our campus comes to fruition. There are a range of ways to find out more and provide feedback. 

    These include:

    • Community newsletters - via electronic direct mail, letterbox drops and the website
    • Direct stakeholder briefings
    • Social media updates
    • Media updates 

    Feedback is important to us and all community and stakeholder feedback can be directed to us via or via (02) 9327 9000.