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Optimising Cranbrook


Supported by its 102-year history, Cranbrook is building for the future. After years of careful planning, in late 2019, the School commenced construction on the most significant renewal of its aging Senior School campus at Bellevue Hill undertaken in over 70 years.

Gratefully, we have received $17-million in donations from our generous Cranbrook community, enabling us to plan and commence construction. With construction underway we now seek further support to Optimise the campus we are building. Ever grateful to those who have supported this journey so far, we hope that the tangible reality of this major construction project now taking shape at Bellevue Hill will encourage others to invest in our educational vision. With your help, we can bring our full masterplan vision for Cranbrook to reality.

Our Masterplan Vision

We remain committed to building a better School for our boys, one that embraces their individuality, optimises their opportunities for the future and enables them to realise their full potential to be rather than to seem to be.

The benefits of this major reinvigoration of our Senior School campus are beyond the realm of imagination, with generations of students to be advantaged by the visionary planning we have undertaken.

Our boys were awestruck when our new vision for their Senior School campus was unveiled at the 2019 Prize Giving ceremony.

Share Our Vision

In this architectural flythrough video we proudly share with you what left our boys awe-struck. Click the image to see inside our Masterplan. 

The brilliant design, showcased in this flythrough created by Architectus, is that of architect and 1987 Cranbrook leaver Luke Johnson. Current parent, and now Principal Architect at Architectus, Luke put his heart and soul into the design, bringing to life the magnificent vision and plans for the renewal in a way that ensured both the ethos and environment of Cranbrook were maintained. Strongly connected to Cranbrook, the School has been lucky to benefit from him lending his personal and professional expertise to the task of ensuring this new facility is best suited to Cranbrook’s current and future needs.

When complete the new Senior School Campus will feature the following buildings and inclusions.

Inside The Cranbrook Centenary Building

The Community Spirit of the School will be strengthened by the new Centenary Building.

Made up of four levels, the building replaces the War Memorial Hall and includes a great hall, teaching and learning spaces, theatre spaces, sports courts, dining commons, tiered learning stairs, a Chapel, orchestral rehearsal room and house areas.

Nestled into its hillside location, the Centenary Building has been conceived of as a series of stepping platforms and terraces that will transition from the upper heritage precinct level - anchored by Cranbrook House - down towards Hordern Oval and its ensemble of existing buildings and pavilions.

Inside The Cranbrook Aquatic And Fitness Centre

Underneath the newly re-laid Hordern Oval will be the new Cranbrook School Aquatic & Fitness Centre. A new pedestrian forecourt along New South Head Road will traverse a glass curtain wall which will provide natural light to the 50-metre underground swimming pool.

The 50 metre pool will be housed underneath Hordern Oval This pool will contain a submersible boom which will enable the pool to be split into two 25 metre pools for water polo. Tiered spectator seating for 350 people will be located next to the swimming pool.

The Learn to Swim Pool will enable us to provide a dedicated learn to swim programme for our junior students. 

Invest In Our Boys

Anticipation is building among our Cranbrook boys who know that this once in a lifetime investment in their School will make a tangible difference to their educational experience, enabling them more confidently than ever before to reach their full potential. With your help Cranbrook boys can enjoy the full optimisation of the new campus currently being constructed for them and future generations of Cranbrookians.

Construction Underway

Construction is in full swing, with not even Covid-19 slowing down the progress being made by our tendered construction firm Richard Crookes Constructions.

On 6 December 2019, first ground was broken on the project, and in the months since then, the precinct has changed shape dramatically. This is best demonstrated in the below 360 degree perspective of the Bellevue Hill Site which, month by month, compares visually how the works are progressing. The 360 project capture is courtesy of Junior School parent, Bachir El Khoury, whose company Limpid Property has generously donated the FirstVue Timeline to Cranbrook so we can chart our progress towards this optimisation of our campus.

We are now 10 months into an expected 26 month renewal project and on track to have completed construction at the end of 2021.

Five fast facts about our once in a lifetime renewal of the Senior School campus:

  1. A total of 89,575 m3 of soil and sand will be removed from the site. To date over 52,408 m3 has been excavated from the site.
  2. Boral take all the sand to their location in Emu Plains and then wash the sand before turning it into more concrete. The concrete is then used to build the project. The recycling system allows us to use the same materials we already have on site.
  3. It is estimated that there is around 10,000 m3 rock will be removed, all located within the Centenary Building excavation zone.
  4. The Aquatic and Fitness Centre has a total of 826 concrete piles, while the Centenary Building has 615.
  5. There are currently 80 people working on site and we have estimated that a total of 200 plus people will be working on site at the peak.

Help Us Optimise Our Campus

Your contribution to the optimisation of our campus can be recognised by your investment in an Honour Plaque opportunity.




All gifts to the Optimise campaign of $5000 or more will be recognised on our Donor Honour Boards in the new Cranbrook Centenary Building. 

Contact Us About Future Cranbrook

If you’d like to know more, or if you can help to support our vision to fully optimise our Bellevue Hill campus, the Cranbrook Foundation team would love to hear from you.

Contact the Development Office at Cranbrook School on +61 2 9327 9565 for a confidential discussion or email Foundation@cranbrook.nsw.edu.au 

Online Donations

Click here to donate to the Optimise campaign.

Through the online facility you may choose an amount that you would like debited from your credit card at instalment intervals that are suitable for you. 

Donate By Phone

Contact the Development Office at Cranbrook School on +61 2 9327 9565

Donate By Mail

Cranbrook School also accepts cheque donations.

Please mail your cheque to Cranbrook Foundation, 5 Victoria Road, Bellevue Hill NSW 2023.

To support the Optimise Campaign, please make cheques payable to the Cranbrook Building Fund.

Direct Transfer

If your preference is to make a direct transfer of funds to the Foundation Bank account, please contact the Development Office on +61 2 9327 9565

This impressive renewal of our campus would not be possible without the incredible generosity afforded to us by our Cranbrook community. We thank you for your support for our students and staff and the future of our School.