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From our Red, White & Blue Gala Centenary Ball, Centenary Concert, 1918 Society Luncheon, Handover Ceremony to a multitude of other activities and events, our Centenary has been a glittering year of celebration and reflection, one which has drawn our Cranbrook community closer together as we’ve acknowledged the impressive accomplishments of the 10 decades since our foundation in 1918.

It is heartening to witness the team spirit, involvement, connectivity, participation, authentic communication, genuine engagement and, above all, integrity that exists within our School community.

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2022 Events


Welcome to Year 7 Parents

Donor Thank You Evening


Welcome to Year 7 Parents

Hordern Society Cocktail Party


1918 Society Luncheon


Finance Connection Evening


Law Connection Evening


Grandparent's Luncheon 2019


1918 Society

Year 7 Foundation Welcome

Handover Ceremony

Red, White and Blue Ball

Donor Thank you evening #1

Donor Thank you evening #2

Grandparent’s Luncheon



Michael Crouch Dinner

Matt Street Dinner

Martin Pitt Boat Launch

Connection Evening – Law

Gala Fundraising Dinner

Conversation with the Headmaster



Year 12 College Opening

Southern Highlands Reception

Conversation with the Headmaster

Connection Evening – Finance

Connection Evening – Marketing, Media and Communications

Connection Evening – Property

Connection Evening – Medical & Health



Junior School Donor Thank You dinner