Osborne and Hordern Gates, 1940s and 1963 - Cranbrook School

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Osborne and Hordern Gates

The two main gates at Cranbrook, the Hordern and Osborne gates, were thanks to the generosity of two benefactors of the School: Mrs Betty Osborne and Mr Frederick Manning, whose sons attended Cranbrook until 1929.

The gates were funded to remember the courage of Cranbrook boys and the sacrifices they made for their country. The Gates still hang at the entry to the School today.

The Osborne and Hordern Gates, the two main sets of gates at Cranbrook, first donated to the school in the 1940s, and the second in the 1960s, honouring two benefactors of the School.

In 1948 Mrs Betty Osborne donated £1,000 (the equivalent of $10,000 today) to construct a memorial to her son who was lost in service as part of a Submarine Squadron during World War II.

In 1963, Mr Frederick Manning donated £150 to meet the cost of purchasing the gates and erecting the gates between two sandstone pillars.