The Joklik Family - Cranbrook School

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Leaving a Gift in Memory of a Loved One

The Joklik Family

Scholarships transform lives and prospects. For over three decades, the Helene Joklik Endowment Scholarship has done exactly this for six talented Cranbrookians who all displayed significant academic and leadership potential on arrival at Cranbrook.

The Endowment Scholarship was set up by Old Cranbrookians Bill (OC 1943) and Frank (OC 1944) Joklik in honour of their mother. Both brothers attribute their achievements to the confidence, perseverance and sportsmanship they learned during their years at Cranbrook.

This family’s immense generosity has meant Cranbrook has been able to change the lives of these young men.

In 2018, Frank Joklik (OC 1944) returned from Utah in the USA to Cranbrook School, visiting his former campus with his wife Pam. The power of the scholarships bestowed by the Joklik family over the past three decades was truly witnessed as the recipients of this scholarship joined the Jokliks at a surprise lunch to say thank you.