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Annual Giving 2019

Reflecting on the incredible success of our Centenary Year one cannot help but feel immensely proud of all that our School community achieved in this most significant of years.

From the official opening of our majestical Wolgan Valley Campus, the uplifting whole School musical artistry of our Centenary Concert, the extraordinary academic achievements of our HSC students, the refurbishment of our Senior School Teaching Block or any of the innumerable other feats accomplished by talented staff and students throughout the School, our 2018 was one which truly reflected all that is great about our School community. And while one must feel truly grateful for all that we achieved in our Centenary Year, it is worth reflecting that such outstanding accomplishments do not occur in isolation – each is reliant on the tremendous support so readily offered by the whole of our School community to see it come to fruition.

As we reflect on the storied success of our School in our first 100 years, we must also turn our attention to the most vital task of ensuring that we continue to honour the vision of our forefathers by creating an environment that will spur on future generations of Cranbrookians to continue this celebrated legacy of success.

It is in this spirit that I reach out to you for your support through Cranbrook’s Annual Giving 2019 campaign. Our Annual Giving Appeal is an opportunity for the Cranbrook community to articulate their valuation of our ‘Cranbrook essence’: helping to shape the destiny of our students and supporting their influence upon Australia and the world.

Our 2019 Annual Giving campaign offers the opportunity for you to make a real and lasting impact on the future of our School and its students – be they in our Pre-Schools, Junior School or Senior School.

Donations of the past have funded infrastructure improvements and maintenance, helped boys who would not have the opportunity to attend our School to gain a Cranbrook education, provided access to mentorship and wellbeing programmes and enabled us to plan for the future delivery of enhanced state of the art teaching, learning and sporting facilities. Your donation towards our giving target areas makes a tangible improvement to the breadth of opportunities we can provide to students through improving our infrastructure, supporting new and existing academic and pastoral endeavours, funding renewal and expansion of our academic, visual arts, sporting and musical programmes and assisting us to broaden access to Cranbrook through our scholarship and endowment programmes.

Put simply, your donation makes a difference; further enhancing what we as a School work to provide and what our students strive to achieve.

We are immensely grateful to those who have been generous in giving and do hope you can also lend your support to our Annual Giving campaign.

Nicholas Sampson






It is our aim to renew the Bellevue Hill campus with new facilities that support learning and the wellbeing of our students in their academic endeavours. At present Cranbrook School is awaiting imminent approval from the Department of Planning and Environment to kickstart the commencement of Stage 2 of our visionary Masterplan works at the Senior School campus.

With your help, this stage of our Masterplan can move from visionary to reality. Once complete, the campus will gain a host of facilities that will enrich the educational and cultural environs of our School, including a performance theatre, dining commons for day boys and boarders, more than 10 modern, technology-enabled classrooms, a variety of collaborative learning spaces, basketball courts and locker rooms, a dedicated Chapel, an orchestral rehearsal room, music and drama studios, meeting rooms, a breakout terrace space, aquatic and fitness centre and a memorial garden among a number of other features.



Cranbrook’s programmes are based upon academic, cultural and personal development to ensure that the potential of each boy is realised in accordance with his particular abilities and aspirations. Our scholarships aim to offer boys who may otherwise be unable to attend our School this Cranbrook opportunity.

Our boys, in their own words, easily articulate the vital opportunity a Cranbrook scholarship has provided them: their gratitude evident in their academic, sporting and pastoral achievements and their contribution to School life during their Cranbrook schooling. Cranbrook boys, whose pathway at Cranbrook was paved by generous support.

A scholarship at Cranbrook opens the door to many opportunities and enriching educational experiences. Our Scholarships recognise students with talent, further potential and a positive and generous approach to School life.



Your donation to Annual Giving towards the Building Fund, Scholarship Fund or Headmaster’s Discretion will undoubtedly change the lives of many future Cranbrookians, providing them with a stronger foundation for world class learning and assisting them to thrive and fulfil their potential while retaining that special Cranbrook magic, breadth and balance, as they pursue excellence.

Across the Junior and Senior School campuses, funds donated through past Annual Giving appeals has helped us perform critical building maintenance, renovated classrooms, upgraded play and educational facilities, provided additional sporting and academic resources, enabled the Wolgan Valley campus and supported additional mentorship, external learning and advisory opportunities.


Thank you for your consideration of our Annual Giving appeal: we are entirely grateful for your consideration of this important appeal.

For further information please speak with our Director of Development Cameron Torrance via or 0400 123 413. Any gift is warmly welcomed and sincerely appreciated.

Thank you for your support for Cranbrook School.

Building Fund

This fund will support the renewal of the Senior School Bellevue Hill campus and our future vision for our Wolgan Valley campus which will realise teaching spaces that inspire all who work and learn in them.

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Voluntary Building Fund

For current parents, contributions to the Voluntary Building Fund can be made through your regular fee statements. Contributions to the Voluntary Building Fund are fully tax deductible. Donations to the fund currently support the School's Masterplan vision for the continual renewal of the Senior School campus.


At the Headmaster’s Discretion

Donations will be directed to the area most in need whether that is our programmes or facilities; all will have a direct impact on the opportunities we can offer our students.

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Indigenous Scholarship

This scholarship will assist Indigenous students whilst ensuring our broader community have the opportunity to learn from, and develop friendships with Indigenous Australians.

“Cranbrook is a place where I can achieve, there are so many opportunities for me to learn and grow into the best person I can be.” - Harry, Year 10, Cranbrook Indigenous Scholarship

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Martin Pitt Scholarship

The Martin Pitt Scholarship is designed to support recipients from a rural community and who shows potential as a leader, is a talented and passionate sportsman and displays a real desire to reach his full potential in all areas.

“I love the exposure and encouragement that the School provides to my life. It’s not uncommon that a boy will be doing rugby training on a Monday morning then be at an open studio working on his art Monday afternoon. I think it’s rare that you find that kind of diversity in a school and I love it.” - Will Andreas, Old Cranbrookian (2018), Martin Pitt Scholarship

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Matt Street Scholarship

The criteria for the awarding of this scholarship is that the recipient, who is entering Year 11, clearly displays community awareness and a keenness for sport.  Without this financial assistance they would be unable to attend Cranbrook School as a day or boarding student.

“Being at Cranbrook has changed my life. The School is so friendly, everyone helps me out and there are great facilities.” - Lachlan, Year 12, Matt Street Scholarship

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