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Scholarships at Cranbrook

At Cranbrook we offer Academic and Music Scholarships: these awards recognise talent, further potential and a positive and generous approach to school life.

We expect our scholars to set a healthy example to others through their conduct and their pursuit of excellence, whether that be in Music or a specific area of the curriculum.

The awarding of a scholarship will be dependent upon academic results from the Cranbrook School Scholarship Examination (conducted by Academic Assessment Services), submission of supporting material and an interview. All scholarships will be awarded at the discretion of the Headmaster. Scholarships are awarded for entry into Year 7 and are only awarded to Australian citizens.

Thank you for your interest in a scholarship at Cranbrook School, applications for a 2021 Scholarship will open later in 2019.

Cranbrook Scholarships Programme

Important information about applying for a Scholarship at Cranbrook School

Other Scholarships

Martin Pitt Scholarship

Martin was at Cranbrook for almost sixty years. He was the heart and soul of the School. To commemorate Martin’s commitment and contribution to the life of Cranbrook, his family and the School established The Martin Pitt Scholarship.

To qualify for this scholarship, your son should be able to display a real desire to attend our school, show potential as a leader and be a talented sportman.

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Matt Street Scholarship

The Matt Street Scholarship was established by Old Cranbrookian Philip (Hooky) James Lee Street (1948) in memory of his youngest son, Matthew Lee Street who boarded at Cranbrook from 1970 to 1977. 

The requirements for the awarding of this scholarship is a boy who shows community awareness and a keen sportsman.  He will be entering Year 11 or 12.

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