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Parents' Association

The Parents' Association

The Parents’ Association aims to build stronger ties between parents and other members of the Cranbrook community and:

  • promotes and assists the development of Cranbrook
  • supports the School and the Cranbrook Foundation
  • builds bonds between parents and between parents and the School
  • provides opportunities for parents to meet socially
  • gives feedback to the School Council on matters of concern to parents.

All parents are members of the Cranbrook School Parents' Association whilst they have a son at Cranbrook.

The Parents' Association extends an open and warm welcome to all those joining the School. It provides a forum for discussion and an avenue for participation in the activities of the School, and facilitates dialogue between the parent body, and the Headmaster and School Council. It assists both the School and the Cranbrook Foundation in accordance with the aims of the Association.

At least four meetings a year are held in the evenings. The meetings are attended by a member of the School Council and the Headmaster. The President of the Association sits on the School Council. All parents are encouraged to become involved, and are eligible to attend meetings.