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Masterplan 2: Cranbrook Senior School Campus Renewal Project

In October 2017, Cranbrook commenced a formal planning application process to support a plan for the redevelopment and renewal of its aging Senior School campus at Bellevue Hill. 

The proposal involves the replacement of buildings – some of which have been in use for over 70 years - with new facilities that include a multi-level contemporary education building, a drama and music theatre, a fitness and aquatic centre, a Chapel and an underground carpark.

The Masterplan is the single most ambitious and visionary project to be undertaken in our Cranbrook’s history. Day by day, thanks to careful and collaborative planning, this vision for the future is inching closer to realisation. 

This once in a generation project will provide new, improved facilities for students and teachers now and into the future, delivering state-of-the-art teaching and learning spaces along with upgraded sporting and cultural facilities which will better support Cranbrook in providing world class, well-rounded education to its students

We were pleased to take a significant step when we lodged the second stage of our Development Application in May. Supporting a project of such impressive size are, of course, a multitude of considerations and phases and we worked closely with the Department of Planning and Environment and our local Council as our Development Application navigated its necessary course. 

We have enjoyed significant support and only one minor objection, which is a remarkable achievement and indicative of the backing of the project from neighbours and our community. 

This project would not be in the realm of possibility without the generosity of the School community. We are deeply grateful to those who have pledged their support. 

We are thrilled with the resulting transformational designs for the campus which include a new Centenary Building, a much needed car park under Hordern Oval and a state-of-the-art Aquatic & Fitness Centre. 

The design is centred upon our ethos: the promotion of the love of the pursuit of excellence; the provision of flexible, inspirational teaching/learning spaces and facilities; the sustenance of the performing arts, resources for building community and recognition of the value of sport and physical fitness.