Cranbrook School
Welcome from the Headmaster

Welcome from the Headmaster

Cranbrook possesses a distinctive, and increasingly relevant, educational philosophy which reaches back to the School’s foundation; it is based upon integrity as well as the warm rigour of the great liberal tradition of education and includes both a love of cultural and Co-Curricular breadth, and respect for individuality.

We energise the educational environment by offering a well-rounded and distinctive schooling both within and beyond the curriculum, and give powerful pastoral support to each student in our care.

As a School we are aiming for the development of potential and a recognition of each other’s individuality and value. A sincerity and wholeness, and a realisation of humanity’s possibilities. We boast a wonderful, accomplished teaching staff who fire the passions of our students, guiding them to explore and enjoy academic, artistic and active endeavours. 

The School mottoesse quam viderimeans ‘to be rather than to seem to be’ and this resonates through all that we do.  

I look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our great School.

A School committed to being rather than seeming must cherish active scholarship and uphold the vital disciplines which have maintained the great liberal tradition of education throughout the centuries: breadth and balance, appreciation of the value of difference, freedom generated by the discipline of preparation, and the elevation of creativity as affirmation of humane possibility.

Nicholas Sampson